Lil’ Wayne Being Sued

TMZ is reporting that Lil Wayne and YMCMB is being sued by producer REO, for never paying him for the work he did for the song “Mirror” on Tha Carter IV album. The producer REO states he was promised a profit from the record Mirror, but never got paid. He’s looking to cash in on the 91k that he’s owed from Wayne and the YMCMB label. Seems like a lot of producers never get paid by the YMCMB camp, but they still do music for them…How is that possible?


DMX Caught Running Naked In Hotel Hallway

DMX is in the news again, but it’s not about money issues. This time X was caught on camera running naked in a hotel hallway.  TMZ spoke with the rapper and he said “I’m not ashamed of anything I got”. Someone please get DMX in a drug rehab center ASAP.

The Amanda Show


Remember the ’90s? When the super cute and lovable Amanda Bynes graced our TV screens on “All That.” Then the little comedian upgraded to her own self-titled show. She was tiny. She was bubbly. She was Nickelodeon’s #1 star.

As a teen, Amanda caught our attention again on the TV series “What I Like About You” and in “She’s the Man” proving that she could still serve up the same silly humor we had grown to love while becoming an attractive young woman at the same time. She continued to impress us as she took on roles in movies like “Hairspray” and “Easy A.” Her resume seemed like the perfect setup for a long, comedic movie career.

But that’s always the perfect time for disaster to strike, right? Fast-forward to today, and you’d never know that the person known as Amanda Bynes was once the little girl pictured above. Instead, she’s the train wreck you see below.

As a supporter of Amanda in the past, I was quite shocked to see the stories circulating about her. In fact, when I first saw the crazy tweets from her account (especially the one requesting Drake to rape her privates?!!), I thought she had been hacked, but those tweets and pictures and videos kept coming, and I realized that this was the new Amanda.

Up until a few days ago (more on this below), I was thoroughly enjoying this hot mess of a situation. The bizarreness of it all was oddly entertaining. Deep down I was rooting for her to pull through, but each new development had me hooked. A few days ago TMZ claimed Amanda had been caught with a bong, and she FLIPPED out. My timeline was full with hundreds of RTs of dedicated Amanda fans backing her up. For awhile most of them were saying “Hey that definitely looks like a smashed Ciroc bottle.” But it was broken glass, so how could anyone tell? It was a bit ridiculous.

Then model Chrissy Teigen tweeted about Bynes’ supporters:

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 4.33.37 PM

And Amanda’s response is what really shook me:

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 2.59.52 PM

Clearly there’s something more going on here, and everything under the book has been thrown out there: eating disorder problems, self-esteem issues, mental health questions — you name it. By reading this tweet, it’s clear she’s not all there. I just hope Amanda has a crazy celebrity media story that ends more like Britney Spears and not Lindsey Lohan.