Tim Tebow Dropped


Tim Tebow is unemployed yet again– being dropped by the New England Patriots after signing a 2 year contract back in June was cut Saturday morning after failing to impress head coach Bill Beilchick. This comes just a little over 4 months after Tebow was fired from the New York Jets.

Riley Cooper Uses Racial Slur


Riley Cooper was caught on camera at Kenny Chesney concert using a racial slur. In the video clip Riley says “I’ll jump that fence and fight every n***** here bro”  This makes Paula Deen look like a member of the NAACP . Cooper who’s from Oklahoma, and played college ball with Tim Tebow at Florida released a apology for his actions via twitter. In the video the racial slur didn’t sound like it was foreign to his normal diction. Let’s see if any of his teammates come to his defense for his racially charged profanity. If you haven’t seen the video here’s the clip below.

Riley Cooper

The Patriot Games


Looks like Tim Tebow has found a new home and, in shocking news, it’s with the New England Patriots.  This was very surprising considering last month I read an article about Bill Belichick disliking Tim Tebow, and there was “no chance” of the Patriots even signing Tebow. Later Belichick came out and denied the claim. Now Tebow has found a home, and that’s big because everyone thought Tebow was done in the NFL and now the Patriots have signed him continuing Tebow’s dream of being a star NFL quarterback.

You may not like the way he throws or his mechanics, but the man just wins football games no matter what. His will to win and his heart and love for the game goes a long way. He can throw 5/20 in a game and make one big throw when the game is on the line and win you a game. That’s what you have to learn to accept if Tebow’s on your team. People forget he has a winning record in limited time as a NFL starting QB (8-6) and has won a playoff game. Not too many QBs can say that in this day and age.

Now Tebow has a chance to work with one of the greatest QBs of our time, Tom Brady. That will be a good chance for Tebow to just sit back and learn from a H.O.F QB. Plus, we all know Belichick will make sure Tebow stays out of the media, especially since he’s projected to be the 3rd QB on the depth chart behind Brady and Mallet.

I’m sure the Patriots will also continue to work with Tebow on his mechanics and see if they can get more out of him as far as throwing the football with accuracy. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh Mcdaniels will definitely play a part in helping Tebow grow as a QB as well. Mcdaniels saw something in Tebow when he drafted him with the 25th pick in the first round as the Denver Bronco’s head coach. I hope Tebow really develops and becomes a legit NFL QB.

One thing I ask from the Patriots is that they let Tebow get in both games when they play the Jets and let him score a touchdown or two in those games. The Jets used him and made a mockery of Tebow putting him in punt formations and lining him up all across the field. I just want to see a Tebow or two once he scores because the Jets will deserve that, and I know Belichick will take that into consideration during their first game September 12th on Thursday Night Football on the NFL Network.