Derrick Rose World Tour

Derrick Rose is out the country doing his world tour building his brand. He’s made a stop in Herzogenaurach, Germany to kickoff the tour.  He made a stop in Milan, Italy where he surprised players at a local court and spoke with fans during a 3 on 3 tournament. He came on the Amig Show in Serbia the interview is humorous, and insightful. They talk about a lot of interesting things. Derrick Rose is one of the most humbling athletes I’ve seen, and he’s very well spoken. I’m glad he set out all of last year. That will go a long way for him for the rest of his career. Again if you were one of those fake fans questioning Derrick Rose toughness, and commitment to the Bulls you shouldn’t watch any Bulls games this year, and you should probably become a fan of another team. Don’t come back on the Derrick Rose bandwagon I know all of you clowns will be rejoicing once he takes the court in October for opening night. The Drose wagon is already full of only loyal fans.  Enjoy his interview on the Amig Show.