JD & JStyles Show Episode 3 Part 1

In this two part episode of the JD & JStyles show, they discuss Chris Brown getting sued, Farrah Abraham not having her priorities in order, and 50 Cent going independent in the music industry.



Farrah Abraham Thinks Trayvon Martin is a Girl

Earlier this week, the “Back Door Teen Mom” star was asked in an interview with Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour what she thought about the Trayvon Martin trial. She certainly confused him with a girl stating:

“I feel like I’ve met her or something, that sounds so familiar. I don’t know what she is, I can’t picture the person with the name right now.”


The Teen Mom star is just really stupid. She should stick to her porn tapes and getting plastic surgery instead of trying to give her views on anything serious in the world. Who doesn’t know who Trayvon Martin is? …..Farrah Abraham because she thinks he’s a girl