“The Real” Gets Picked Up for 2014!


Ya girls Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry-Houseley, Loni Love and Jeannie Mai are back on The Real for fall 2014!

The Real had a solid four-week test run on Fox O&Os in seven markets this summer, including Gotham and Los Angeles.

The Real will air on 18 Fox-owned stations, including the mothership network affils in Gotham, L.A. and Chicago.

K. Michelle Speaks on Tamar Braxton and Breakup With Lance Stephenson



In honor of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: New York premiers tonight, K. Michelle had an interview with The Skorpion Show— check out the interview below:

On her beef with Tamar:
People are gonna always look at K like a bully. I always win arguments [but] just because I win them doesn’t mean I start them. The thing with this situation, I have never come for this lady first, ever. But every time she has commented, I have come back….but I’m the bully. I think this recent time people have started to see: ‘K isn’t saying anything to you.’

For you to be half of a 100, there’s no reason that you still should be coming from me. I’m a newbie. You’ve had five records deals. You’re first album debuted at a 127. There’s no reason that you should be coming for me. I’m sitting back, I’m minding my business. I have done nothing to this woman. I even bought her album, I’ve been very supportive.

Tamar is very quick to go and throw shade at people and go and hider her hands. Excuses for everything. She can go and pick on Nicki [Minaj]. She had the nerve to say that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant. You never come for the queen. You don’t come for Beyonce like that. But she did. She comes for everybody, but then when you attack her or defend yourself, you’re a bully. Thats not how it goes in America. I don’t need Vince. I’m not scared of nobody. I’mma say what the f*ck I feel. You’re one big joke, its easy for me to tell you about yourself.

On what it would take for their feud to end:
It’s ended honey, go sing! Don’t bother me. Don’t keep commenting on me. Do go what you need to do, cause everytime you come for me, I’m going to keep reading you on it. We’re two singers, we need to sing. There’s people looking up to us, so let’s sing. You will never keep coming for me and think that I’m not going to defend myself. As ratchet as you wanna call me, I have a right to defend myself. So as long as you slick throwing shade and do things and fighting with me about a wig? B-tch you old you bout to lose you’re hair anyway!

We have NEVER met, that’s whats so crazy! [But] I will read you. No one will come for me. The only person that will come for me, is jesus to take me home to glory. No one will come for me and think I’m not gonna say anything. As long as you stop, I stop. I told everybody to support you & buy your album because it’s R&B.

It’s ended today, but if she keeps on and all the excuses…B*tch shut up and sing! Like they did in the old days.

Tami Roman replaces Tamar Braxton


The ladies are back for Tiny Tonight on VH1– Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, Trina, Claudia Jordan and Tami Roman will be switching things up.

Tami Roman, who is new to the panel will be replacing Tamar Braxton who is currently busy promoting her #1 album Love and War, and will return to her new talk show The Real, coming in the fall.

I’m sure Claudia is happy Tamar is gone….

Tamar Braxton Introduces baby Logan & Reveals Her Struggles

tamar braxton logan

Tamar Braxton has finally revealed her new edition to the world baby Logan Vincent Herbert.

She also revealed some secrets most mom’s might not admit to, she says that she was unattached to her son when he was first born.

“I loved him, you know. But I wasn’t like ‘oh, gosh, yes my baby, ooh,’ you know. It wasn’t that. It was more like what do I do now, you know,” she says.

She also shared that she couldn’t change his diapers for the first couple days and left it up to her husband.

“I was questioning my motherhood. Like, ‘Is this a mistake that God made?’ Or like, ‘Is this something that I need to hand over to my husband?’ Because he and the baby connected instantly. And I wanted that. And I guess I was a little jealous,”

Tamar did feel more connected when the baby finally started breast feeding.

This powerhouse mom is working on a new album, while filming two reality shows, and hosting her new talk show, but nothing can stop her from being a mom.

“The Real” NEW Talk Show

New moms Tamar Braxton and Tamera Mowry-Housely are getting back to work alongside comedian Loni Love, actress Adrienne Bailon and style expert Jeannie Mai for a new internet talk show. This is a more attention grabbing adaptation of “The View” including juicy celebrity topics and fashion statements.


Check out “The Real” when it premieres July 15th on www.therealtalkshow.com
We will be watching….