Born Sinner Vs Yeezus

Finally the first week sales are in and we finally get to see who sold more between Kanye, and J Cole.  Kanye and J Cole didn’t disappoint. Kanye sold  328,800 with his Yeezus  album. While J Cole didn’t do too bad himself moving 297,922 units in his opening week with Born Sinner. Kanye won as expected. J Cole album leaked a week prior to his release date. While Kanye album leaked days before it came out. J Cole should still be proud that he moved that many units in his first week and his album leaked earlier than expected. I want to personally apologize to J Cole for not showing him any love. J Cole had a great album, I felt it was better than Kanyes album. He also had the guts to move his album up a week so he can compete with Kanye. Kanye album was great, but it was certainly different. But I don’t mind when Kanye is different. J Cole had a great all around album he seems to be growing as a artist. Which artist should be doing from their first album to their second album. We were fortunate as fans to have two great albums drop on the same day. Let’s see what Wale has in stores for us with his Gifted album that dropped on Tuesday.