The Game Signs With YMCMB

Well it’s official, after the long rumor deal The Game has finally signed with YMCMB. Birdman confirmed it today via Twitter and The Game retweeted Birdmans tweet, and sent out a tweet of his own. This has been long rumored since The Games last album “Jesus Piece”. When Birdman spoke on the record “Freedom” about it being Games last album under Interscope and he was signing with YMCMB after that. The Game now joins a roster with plenty of artist: Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Drake just to name a few. But only a few have had the privilege to drop an album. We’ll see what comes out of this new deal. Game last album dropped last year. I’ll never understand why artist like Busta Rhymes or The Game sign under a boss like Birdman when they already have a big following of their own, but that’s just me. My biggest question is will we get a new album in 2014 with his new label? That’s something to keep an eye on, but congrats to Game on his new deal.

Birdman YMCMB

The Game YMCMB

Jay-Z Buys 100 Copies

Last week I wrote a post about Nipsey Hussle dropping a mixtape on Tuesday, and that he had  100 physical copies that he was selling them for 100.00. Well it turns out Nipsey found a fan to buy not only one of those copies, but all of them. Yes the mega fan was Jay-Z. Jay-Z purchased all 100 copies, and if you’re doing the Math correctly you’ll see Nipsey made a quick 100k from those purchases. This is why Jay-Z is respected like he is in the rap game, because he does stuff like this.  Congrats to Nipsey Hussle on making history.

100 Bucks For A Mixtape?

Would you spend 100.00 for a mixtape? Well rapper Nipsey Hussle wants you to, and is charging $100.00 bucks for his new mixtape titled “Crenshaw”. Nipsey announced today that the “Crenshaw” mixtape drops next week October 8th, and that he only has 1,000 hard pressed copies. He’s urging his fans to be apart of history, and to purchase “The Worlds First $100 Album”. According to Nipsey chose to charge 100.00 for this mixtape, because he’s  “tailor-making music” for his core fans. “I’m more or less focused on fully serving the ones that have connected already,” he continues. “That being said, it’s a value over volume thing…If I’m goin’ to offer a product made with no compromise or concession to the platforms (radio, A&R, opinion, label bias), then the way we sell has to change. Hence PROUD2PAY.” Nipsey Hussle is crazy to think people will pay 100.00 for a album in this generation. Especially with downloading music being so big, but hey if he’s about making history I’m all for it. Remember the mixtape/album drops next Tuesday and it’s hosted by DJ Drama. You can pick up the physical copy from Nipsey at his L.A pop-up shop on Fairfax Avenue at midnight. Just make sure you have your 100.00 on you.