Kanye Bash, Kanye Smash! (Once Again)

Earlier today at LAX in the Tom Brady terminal, new father and rapper Kanye West, once again, is seen attacking the paparazzi but this time things got violent. Mr. West aggressive and hostile manner towards the paparazzi is no surprise. The real surprise is that the encounter turned so physical that paramedics had to be called unto the scene.


The encounter started with a swarm of photographers asking several questions about West personal life, which turned into questions about Kanye’s hostile demeanor. Instead of heading straight to his car, Kanye just had to go on another rant. The photographer tried to keep his cool and even run away from the rapper but it was too late. Kanye attacked him with little, to no warning. The bashing attracted more paparazzi to the scene and even the paramedics. After the brawl, Kanye fled the scene and is once again the man we love to hate.

kanye smashk



I personally love Kanye West as both a musician and a person, but for once I am siding with the public. You can not rap about stopping the violence in Chicago if you can not even stop the hidden violence and rage in yourself Kanye. Also as a new father he needs to understand that his actions do have consequences. I smell a lawsuit headed his way.

Here is the footage of the fight from the unlucky paparazzi man’s point of view.