Say What?: Oprah Edition


WGN news “accidentally” hangs up on…. the queen of the world, Oprah, mid interview. Say What?



Congratulations to the incredible Tina Turner, who is now Mrs. Erwin Bach. The 73 year old, has been with her longtime 57 year old German music producer for 27 years. Reports say 120 guests were in attendance including Oprah Winfrey, her best friend Gayle King, David Bowie and Bryan Adams. The guests were told to wear cream or white, while the bride stunned the crowd with a green wedding dress. Yes, green. Congratulations again.


Wife Loses It In The Car

Our Did That Just Happen of the week goes to a husband filming his wife throwing a temper tantrum because she couldn’t go to the lake. “Whitney” as the man was calling her in the video was very upset when her husband didn’t take her to the lake so they can spend some quality time together. She was kicking and screaming all in the car saying “I want to to go to the lake” numerous times. Her husband had plans to get his car fixed, but Whitney couldn’t take no for a answer. Pretty sure their marriage is done now. If Whitney acts like that off camera good luck at finding another man. Sounds like this couple needs some help from Dr.Phil or Oprah. I would love to video tape their encounter tonight at dinner once she finds out that she’s all over youtube. Will her husband film that

Lindsay Lohan to Bank $2 Million

oprah and lilo



We all know Oprah Winfrey needs ratings to save her OWN network and Lindsay Lohan needs money and attention, so whats best than to put these two together.

Lindsay Lohan is set to do an 8 part docu-series about her struggles, career, and family life with Oprah Winfrey but only for a whopping $2 million dollars! Oprah has been negotiating with her for 4 months now and not only does she get money in the bank she also gets two fully paid assistants and a stylist.

You go LiLo!