Amber Rose and Nick a Couple?


It hasn’t even been a month since Amber Rose filed for divorce from Wiz Khalifa, but it seems that she may be rebounding with Nick Cannon Simmons. 

Rose was spotted Thursday night with Nick Simmons, the son of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons and star of his family’s reality series “Gene Simmons: Family Jewels.”

While Rose arrived to the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood with a group of friends, insiders say the couple looked very much like a couple– getting cozy  on the dance floor.  Rose left arm-in-arm with the 6 foot 8 inches 25-year-old, with the two departing in the same car.

So I guess the Nick Cannon rumors can be put to rest. 

Nick Cannon Writes Emotional Letter to Amanda Bynes

Nick Cannon Amanda Bynes seen smoking a hand rolled cigarette in New York

Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes first met when they were young Nickelodeon stars more than a decade ago. Since then, he married Mariah Carey, had twins and became the host of the popular TV shows like “America’s Got Talent” & “Wildn Out”, while she went on to silver screen movies and spiraled out of control.

On Nick’s personal website Wednesday, he wrote an open letter to Bynes, saying the issue is no laughing matter and referred to her as his “family.”

He says that “Although being a celebrity comes with fame and fortune, it also comes with its pitfalls. A lack of balance, no sufficient support system and media scrutiny are just some of the challenges.”

He then writes a direct message to Amanda Bynes:

“So I say to my sister Amanda Bynes you’re not alone. I’m here for you. I understand. I care and I appreciate you, because that’s what family does and that’s what family is for. I also extend this to anyone else in my life, past or present that may find themselves in hard times. I’m here! Call me! Because I truly believe, the hand you’re helping up today may be the one you’re reaching for tomorrow. So not to be all cheesy and over sentimental but I got to end this with the ingenious Wither’s lyrics “Lean on me when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend, I’ll help you carry on. For it won’t be long until I’ll need somebody to lean on.”

The “America’s Got Talent” host spoke with InTouch magazine saying he has reached out to her for the past 6 weeks and continues to pray for her.

Amanda Bynes is currently under involuntary psychiatric hold in a Ventura, Ca facility for starting a fire on a driveway of an elderly woman.

To read the full letter click here:

We hope for the best for Amanda Bynes, she really is a star and could come back to acting when she gets better.

Nick Cannon explains Mimi’s Busted Shoulder


EXTRA‘s AJ Calloway caught up with MC’s husband Nick Cannon and he filled us in on the details how she dislocated her shoulder and cracked a rib.

He said:

“She’s such a trouper man, she definitely took a big fall. She was on a marble surface, she was in this beautiful gown, but she couldn’t maneuver properly. She went to reach out for Young Jeezy [and] kinda lost her [balance]. She was kinda sitting down but she fell off these platforms and kinda dislocated her shoulder because it was right on the concrete. She chipped her shoulder and dislocated it and she cracked a rib. I dove and tried to help her. Young Jeezy was like ‘Yo! Are you alright?’ because she was reaching for him and he was right there and she was like ‘Yo! Just pop it back in and keep shooting.’ I was like ‘What? No, you stay down’. We got her to the hospital and the whole time she was on the phone with me like still directing the video, while they were putting her arm back in and bandaging her up and she came back to the video shoot. She spent two hours and finished the music video. The doctor was like athletes come in here crying, passing out because of an injury and she just took it like a trouper.

Women know how to endure pain well. She’s recovering. She’s got a big show at Central Park and its going to be amazing. She’s still doing it. She’s probably going to have a blinged out cast. [The twins] gently touch her and kiss her and say ‘Mommy’s boo boo is going to be okay.’ They are like really gentle. Its nice to see.


Glad she is doing well….