Pistons Acquire Jennings


The Detroit Pistons have kept busy this summer landing Josh Smith from the Hawks, and now they have acquired Brandon Jennings in a sign and trade with the Milwaukee Bucks. Pistons will send Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, and Viacheslay Kraytsoy to Milwaukee for Jennings. Pistons will then sign him to a three-year deal worth 24 million dollars. Last year Jennings averaged 17.5 ppg, on .399% from the field, and .375% from three point range. Jennings felt he deserved a salary starting at 12 million a year when free agency began, but he didn’t get a offer to that liking, and now has to settle for 8 million a year. Truth is Jennings thinks he’s better than he really is, but the truth is he doesn’t deserve the money Steph Curry, Ty Lawson, and Jrue Holiday got last year. He’s a streaky shooter, and scorer, but I’m sure the Pistons know that. The Pistons now have a very interesting roster, with Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, Josh Smith, and now Brandon Jennings. They need a scorer for this roster, and maybe they can trade Greg Monroe for someone because having Monroe, Drummond, and Smith on the floor at one time won’t work. We can bet on the Pistons having a terrible shooting percentage this year with Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings throwing up shots, but they do look like a playoff team in the East. They’ll probably get the number 7 or 6th seed, and be one and done in the playoffs. The Pistons got better by landing Smith and Jennings. Jennings is certainly a upgrade over Brandon Knight, and Smith is highlight reel waiting to happen, and a defensive presence. All and all you can’t blame Joe Dumars for trying this off-season. But lets face it Piston fans Joe Dumars should have been fired years ago.


Clippers Make A Deal


Clippers have finally traded their biggest trade bait in Eric Bledsoe. Clippers completed a three team trade with the Phoenix Suns, and Milwaukee Bucks. Bledsoe and Caron Butler went to the Suns,  Jared Dudley, and JJ Redick went to the Clippers, and the Bucks received two 2nd round picks. Redick signed a 4-year deal worth 27million with the Clippers in a sign and trade to make this deal work. The Clippers get two shooters that they needed to spread the floor, while the Suns get their PG of the future in Eric Bledsoe to team up with their Center of the future in Alex Len, and a veteran leader in Caron Butler. Bucks had no chance of resigning JJ Redick so I know they’re just excited to receive two 2nd round picks. This deal puts more expectations on the Clippers to be a championship caliber team next year, and to compete for a championship year in and year out. I thought they could of got more for Bledsoe, but I understand they acquired players they needed. I would take Dudley right now over Butler at this point in Butlers career. An JJ Redick is the deadly shooter they needed as well. I still feel that the Clippers need a big man with that can have his back to the basket to score. But they’re on the right track in improving their roster to compete for a championship. Once they acquire that big man you can certainly lookout for them to make noise in the forever improving Western Conference.