NBA Free Agency Tracker

I’ve been meaning to do my own personal free agency tracker. So I’ve finally found time to do it and here it is.

Mike Dunleavy     Chicago Bulls

Monta Ellis           Dallas Mavericks

Josh Smith           Detroit Pistons

Wesley Johnson   Los Angeles Lakers

Nick Young           Los Angeles Lakers

Chris Kaman       Los Angeles Lakers

J.J. Redick             Los Angeles Clippers

Matt Barnes        Los Angeles Clippers

Andre Iguodala    Golden State Warriors

Jermaine O’neal   Golden State Warriors

Toney Douglas     Golden State Warriors

Kevin Martin         Minnesota Timberwolves

Andre Kirilenko    Brooklyn Nets

Tony Allen              Memphis Grizzlies

Samuel Dalembert   Dallas Mavericks

Brandon Jennings     Detroit Pistons

D.J. Augustin               Toronto Raptors

Chris Copeland          Indiana Pacers

Chris Andersen         Miami Heat

Marco Belinelli           San Antonio Spurs

Dejaun Bair                Dallas Mavericks

Gary Neal                   Milwaukee Bucks

Chauncey Billups      Detroit Pistons

Andrew Bynum         Cleveland Cavaliers

Will Bynum                Detroit Pistons

Jose Calderon            Dallas Mavericks

Chase Budinger         Minnesota Timberwolves

Elton Brand               Atlanta Hawks

Paul Millsap               Atlanta Hawks

Devin Harris              Dallas Mavericks

Omri Casspi               Houston Rockets

Aaron Brooks             Houston Rockets

Francisco Garcia        Houston Rockets

Ian Clark                    Utah Jazz

Marcus Camby          Houston Rockets

DeMarre Carroll        Atlanta Hawks

Austin Daye               Toronto Raptors

Carlos Delfino            Milwaukee Bucks

Manu Ginobili            San Antonio Spurs

Wayne Ellington        Dallas Mavericks

Tyreke Evans             New Orleans Pelicans

Derek Fisher              Oklahoma City Thunder

Jordan Farmar           Los Angeles Lakers

Randy Foye                Denver Nuggets

Ryan Gomes               Oklahoma City Thunder

Gerald Henderson     Charlotte Bobcats

Dwight Howard         Houston Rockets

J.J Hickson                  Denver Nuggets

Jarrett Jack                 Cleveland Cavaliers

Carl Landry                Sacramento Kings

Al Jefferson                Charlotte Bobcats

Kyle Korver               Atlanta Hawks

Jason Maxiell             Orlando Magic

Eric Maynor               Washington Wizards

O.J. Mayo                    Milwaukee Bucks

Mike Miller                 Memphis Grizzlies

Nazr Mohammed      Chicago Bulls

Anthony Morrow       New Orleans Pelicans

Byron Mullens           Los Angeles Clippers

Zaza Pachulia             Milwaukee Bucks

Jeff Pendergraph      San Antonio Spurs

Ronnie Price              Orlando Magic

J.R. Smith                    New York Knicks

Greg Stiemsma          New Orleans Pelicans

Jeff Teague                Atlanta Hawks

C.J. Watson                 Indiana Pacers

Dorell Wright             Portland Trailblazers

Brandan Wright        Dallas Mavericks

Metta World Peace   New York Knicks

Ronny Turiaf             Minnesota Timberwolves

Marreese Speights    Golden State Warriors

Earl Clark                    Cleveland Cavaliers

John Lucas III              Utah Jazz

Gal Mekel                    Dallas Mavericks

Donald Sloan              Indiana Pacers

Alan Anderson            Brooklyn Nets

Dwayne Buycks          Toronto Raptors

Pablo Prigoni              New York Knicks

Timofey Mozgov         Denver Nuggets

Kenyon Martin            New York Knicks

Shaun Livingston        Brooklyn Nets

Jon Leur                        Memphis Grizzlies

Ryan Hollins                 Los Angeles Clippers

Luigi Datome               Detroit Pistons

Corey Brewer               Minnesota Timberwolves

Nate Robinson Signs With Nuggets

Nate Robinson has finally signed with a NBA team. After a long waiting process Nate has decided to sign with the Denver Nuggets. This is a 2year deal with the 2nd year being a player option, and its worth 4million dollars. In Robinsons only year in Chicago he enjoyed his  best season in the NBA last year averaging 13.1 ppg, 4.4assist per game, and shot a career best 40.5. from three point range. Nate is a fan favorite, and when he’s hitting his shots he can carry a team. He will try to fill the scoring need for the Nuggets who lost starter Andre Iguodala and 6th man Corey Brewer who were two important pieces to what they did on offense last year. Nuggets will be a completely different team this year especially with their best player Danilo Gallinari still recovering from ACL surgery, but said he should be back by December. Nate will play a lot of shooting guard this year along with Evan Fournier. Nate will be remembered in Chicago for his playoff performance against the Brooklyn Nets when he scored 23pts in the 4th qtr in a Bulls win. We wish Nate good luck with the Nuggets.

Warriors Make A Splash

Just last week the Warriors cleared out cap space by trading Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins, Brandon Rush, and two picks to the Jazz to clear cap space so they go out and sign Andre Iguodola to a four- year, 48-million dollar contract. Warriors continued their strong off season by bolstering their bench by signing Jermaine O’neal, Toney Douglas, and Marreese Speights this week. Speights signed a three-year deal 15-million dollar contract. Jermaine O’neal signed a one-year deal worth 2 million dollars, and Toney Douglas signed a one-year deal worth 1.6million dollars. Although the Warriors lost Carl Landry to the Kings, and Iso Jack (My nickname for him) aka Jarrett Jack to the Cavs. They have quietly improved their bench with Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson being their 6th man. I prefer Harrison off the bench. O’neal and Speights will definitely be needed for big man help as Andrew Bogut has been battling injuries the last couple of years. O’neal will also provide that tough veteran leadership for these young Warriors. Douglas is a score first pg, but he’s proven to be able to hit the three. All and all the Warriors have had a very successful off season and on paper they’re easily a top 4 seed in the Western Conference. The new Warriors owners have sent the message to the league that the Warriors are here to stay and they’re serious about winning. So Dub City get your popcorn ready, because this team will be fun to watch!

Dwight Howard Starts the NBA Firework Festivites

It took sometime, but Dwight Howard has finally made his decision and he’s chosen to sign with the Houston Rockets over the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s been a long week of speculation with many rumors, but the one rumor that was true was Dwights interest in joining the Rockets. Dwight now joins another star in James Harden, and a rising stud in Chandler Parsons. With Howard I call this Rockets team the Magic 2.0, but the difference with this team is James Harden is a big time player and can do things players on those old Magic teams can’t do. Dwight chose the Rockets over the Lakers, Warriors, and Mavs. Dwight felt it was his best chance to win a championship, and he left $30million dollars on the table to do so.

Laker fans aren’t too pleased, but now have to respect Dwight for his decision. Dwight finally had the chance to make his own decision after screwing himself two years ago by opting into the final year of his deal with the Magic. Laker fans shouldn’t be sad for too long as they will have lots of cap space to play with next off season with a jammed packed free agent class. Just don’t count on Lebron leaving Miami for LA. LA best bet is to tank next so they can get into the lottery and draft someone to be the new face of the franchise once Kobe retires. Next years draft class is projected to be as good as the 2003 class or even better. So they should be in good shape. Rockets will certainly be better than the 8th seeded team that made the playoffs last year. The Rockets don’t seem to be done improving the roster, reportedly they’re also interested in a sign and trade with the Atlanta Hawks to acquire Dwight Howards good friend, Josh Smith. One question for the Rockets is how do you fill out the rest of the roster? They will certainly need more shooters to space the floor while Dwight operates the paint. So we’ll see what tricks Daryl Morey has up his sleeves. I personally think Golden State presented the best chance for Dwight to win.

They have two lights out shooters in Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry and new ownership that’s looking to win now. We’ll see if it works out for him four years from now. I also feel that he didn’t want to have that pressure playing in LA and following in Shaq’s footsteps. I think its safe to say Dwight likes to be in a smaller market and just being the silly energetic guy that he is, and that’s something Kobe didn’t want him to be. The big picture is how desperate was Dwight to leave the Lakers? He left 30million on the dollars on the table just to join another team on a shorter deal. I guess the rumors were true that he didn’t like playing with Kobe. Reports were that he was turned off by Kobe’s sales pitch to stay with the Lakers. Reportedly Kobes pitch was “I’ll show you how to win championships”.

Dwight has now updated his twitter profie @DwightHoward and changed it into him wearing a Rockets jersey. He also changed his location on twitter from LA to Houston. And just to make things even more interesting, Kobe and Dwight both unfollowed each other on twitter and instagram. Safe to say the NBA will make sure they’ll schedule Houston in LA for opening night. I respect how Dwight went about making his decision. It was many rumors about Dwight being indecisive, but there  were other reports that his mind was made up and he just wanted a face to face meeting with LA management to let them know he’s going to Houston. Overall I’m happy for Dwight and I wish him luck in Houston.

Bulls Sign Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Bulls and free agent small forward Mike Dunleavy Jr have agreed on a 2-year deal worth 6million dollars. Bulls add another 3pt shooter to a team who just drafted two other shooters in last Thursdays draft. Dunleavy shot a career best .428 from three point range while avg 10.5ppg last year with the Bucks. He’s expected to knock down those corner threes and open threes once Derrick Rose gets into the paint and breaks down the defense. Dunleavy had a bit of a rejuvenation to his career while spending the last 2years in Milwaukee. This maybe the only big signing the Bulls do all off-season besides get the rest of their team healthy and ready for next year. They also resigned Nazi Mohammed, and waived Rip Hamilton.