Miley Cyrus in Future’s New Video

Miley is always fresh off the press! Since, the 20 year old singer made a come back to her music career she’s been causing a lot of ruckus. From her family drama, to her break up with fiance Liam Hemsworth, and that absurd performance at the Video Music Awards, she has been everywhere.

Miley has dipped over to her darker side collabing with Mike Will Made It (her rumored new man), Juicy J (her rumored baby daddy), and Wiz Khalifa in “23” and now she’s appearing in Future’s new video “Real and True”.

Miley has transformed into an naked alien in this futuristic video by Future, of course.

This is a great platform for Future to get more publicity and fans because of course its Miley Cyrus and shes everywhere!

“Real and True” is set to premiere Friday.

Check it out:

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The Game Signs With YMCMB

Well it’s official, after the long rumor deal The Game has finally signed with YMCMB. Birdman confirmed it today via Twitter and The Game retweeted Birdmans tweet, and sent out a tweet of his own. This has been long rumored since The Games last album “Jesus Piece”. When Birdman spoke on the record “Freedom” about it being Games last album under Interscope and he was signing with YMCMB after that. The Game now joins a roster with plenty of artist: Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Drake just to name a few. But only a few have had the privilege to drop an album. We’ll see what comes out of this new deal. Game last album dropped last year. I’ll never understand why artist like Busta Rhymes or The Game sign under a boss like Birdman when they already have a big following of their own, but that’s just me. My biggest question is will we get a new album in 2014 with his new label? That’s something to keep an eye on, but congrats to Game on his new deal.

Birdman YMCMB

The Game YMCMB

Miley Projected to Sell 250k

All that twerking has finally done Miley Cyrus some good. As she’s projected to sell 250k for her latest album Bangerz. Miley has received nothing but great reviews for this album. Her two singles off the album are “Wrecking Ball”, and “We Can’t Stop”. I haven’t heard the album, but I’ll definitely check it out. See what happens when you hangout with black artist, and twerk? You come out and sell 250k in your opening week. Twerking isn’t just a dance, but it’s a way of life. Congrats to Miley!

100 Bucks For A Mixtape?

Would you spend 100.00 for a mixtape? Well rapper Nipsey Hussle wants you to, and is charging $100.00 bucks for his new mixtape titled “Crenshaw”. Nipsey announced today that the “Crenshaw” mixtape drops next week October 8th, and that he only has 1,000 hard pressed copies. He’s urging his fans to be apart of history, and to purchase “The Worlds First $100 Album”. According to Nipsey chose to charge 100.00 for this mixtape, because he’s  “tailor-making music” for his core fans. “I’m more or less focused on fully serving the ones that have connected already,” he continues. “That being said, it’s a value over volume thing…If I’m goin’ to offer a product made with no compromise or concession to the platforms (radio, A&R, opinion, label bias), then the way we sell has to change. Hence PROUD2PAY.” Nipsey Hussle is crazy to think people will pay 100.00 for a album in this generation. Especially with downloading music being so big, but hey if he’s about making history I’m all for it. Remember the mixtape/album drops next Tuesday and it’s hosted by DJ Drama. You can pick up the physical copy from Nipsey at his L.A pop-up shop on Fairfax Avenue at midnight. Just make sure you have your 100.00 on you.

2Chainz/Lil Wayne/T.I’s Entourage Breaks Girl’s Jaw


Drama for the Lil Wayne/2 Chainz/T.I. tour buses — law enforcement say, a female fan says she was invited on board one of the vehicles after the show in OKC this week … and an entourage member punched her in the face, breaking her jaw.

According to TMZ:

The alleged attacker isn’t named in the police report — but the victim says her jaw was broken in two places … and the damage is so bad she required surgery to repair it, and her jaw is now wired shut for six weeks while it heals. The victim says she’ll be on a liquid diet for the entire time.

Here’s the story … the victim told police, the unidentified entourage member had been hitting on her during the concert … and invited her on board one of the rappers’ buses after the show.

The victim says she took the guy up on his offer — but when she showed up with her girlfriend, he stuck his hand down her shirt and grabbed her breast.

The victim says she slapped his hand away and he turned around and punched her in the jaw, sending her flying out of the bus door. She says she landed on her back on the pavement with blood pouring out of her mouth.

According to the police report, the entourage member ran off, and the victim was taken to the hospital.

A rep for the Oklahoma City PD tells TMZ, the incident is under investigation. So far, no arrests have been made.

FYI, the incident allegedly occurred just hours before police searched 2 Chainz’ tour bus for drugs … and arrested the rapper.

A rep for T.I. tells TMZ, the incident did NOT occur on T.I.’s bus … in fact, the rapper was not even aware of the incident. Which leaves two other possibilities.

Nick Cannon explains Mimi’s Busted Shoulder


EXTRA‘s AJ Calloway caught up with MC’s husband Nick Cannon and he filled us in on the details how she dislocated her shoulder and cracked a rib.

He said:

“She’s such a trouper man, she definitely took a big fall. She was on a marble surface, she was in this beautiful gown, but she couldn’t maneuver properly. She went to reach out for Young Jeezy [and] kinda lost her [balance]. She was kinda sitting down but she fell off these platforms and kinda dislocated her shoulder because it was right on the concrete. She chipped her shoulder and dislocated it and she cracked a rib. I dove and tried to help her. Young Jeezy was like ‘Yo! Are you alright?’ because she was reaching for him and he was right there and she was like ‘Yo! Just pop it back in and keep shooting.’ I was like ‘What? No, you stay down’. We got her to the hospital and the whole time she was on the phone with me like still directing the video, while they were putting her arm back in and bandaging her up and she came back to the video shoot. She spent two hours and finished the music video. The doctor was like athletes come in here crying, passing out because of an injury and she just took it like a trouper.

Women know how to endure pain well. She’s recovering. She’s got a big show at Central Park and its going to be amazing. She’s still doing it. She’s probably going to have a blinged out cast. [The twins] gently touch her and kiss her and say ‘Mommy’s boo boo is going to be okay.’ They are like really gentle. Its nice to see.


Glad she is doing well….

Jay-Z Already Platinum

Jay-Z album Magna Carta Holy Grail was available to be downloaded last Thursday for Samsung users.  Samsung bought 1 million copies of the album which made the album platinum before it was even available to the public. Jay-Z has already received a plaque for the album due to him going platinum. MCHG becomes the first album to become platinum on the day of it’s release. This is Jay-Z 12th platinum album. The physical copy of the album was released Tuesday, and billboard is projecting the album to sell 350k-400k which will put the album on billboard top 200 list. This will be Jay-Z 13th number 1 album. Jay-Z wasn’t lying when he told everyone on his twitter account about the new rules when it comes to releasing albums. Jay-Z has once again set new standards in the music industry.

50 Cent Arrested For Domestic Violence

50 cent was charged with domestic violence due to a incident that occurred at his baby mothers condo on June 23rd in California. Police were called to her condo after she allegedly locked herself in the bathroom to call 911. 50 allegedly kicked down the door and kicked his baby mother in the stomach. She alleges that he caused 7,100 worth of damages inside of her apartment. He’s due in court for a hearing on July 22nd, and if convicted he could face up to five years in jail.  Let’s hope everything is ok with these two and the allegations aren’t true. We need 50 cent back and getting back on track continuing his hot stretch of good music.

Chris Brown Drops A New Video

It’s new music Monday, and Chris Brown has dropped a new video visual for his second single called Don’t Think They Know which features the late Aaliyah. If there’s one person I wouldn’t mind using Aaliyahs music it would definitely be Chris Brown. The dude maybe wild, but he makes good music. This is off his new album titled X which is scheduled to be released July 16th. Here’s the new video, enjoy!