Former nanny held Hostage by Alanis Morissette?


Bianca Cambeiro filed the lawsuit against Alanis Morissette and her husband Mario Treadway, claiming the couple employed her from August 2011 to March 2013, and she worked a 12-hour night shift looking after their newborn son.

According to Bianca’s lawsuit, Alanis effectively held her hostage inside their baby’s bedroom while he slept, ordering her not to leave under any circumstances– not even for a break to eat.

Bianca was only allowed relief if one of the child’s parents was in the bedroom or if the day-shift nanny replaced her. That’s it.

Bianca says she was denied more than $30,000 in unpaid overtime and other wages. But she’s suing for $100,000 on top of that, claiming she also suffered emotional distress.


Money aint “SH*T” to Scott Disick

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Scott “Lord” Disick is showing the world how much of a baller he really is. The Lord took to his Instagram and posted:

Hello, peasant's is that u? #fucku

Hello, peasant’s is that u? #fucku

I know y'all didn't think I would actually use toilet paper!

I know y’all didn’t think I would actually use toilet paper!

Just came out! 50cm hermes birkin covered in hundos

Just came out! 50cm hermes birkin covered in hundos

Can’t be mad or hate if you have the money Scott has. Must be nice….


Franco on the left. Raff on the right

Franco on the left. Raff on the right

Riff Raff, the “rapper” and former MTV reality star, says that he’s suing the people responsible for the movie “Spring Breakers” for $8 to $10 million dollars. He believes James Franco’s character Alien was based off of him which means he wants cold hard cash.

He says:
“It’s like if I have a front yard. And you’re planting soil and you’re planting trees and building peaches and houses and selling parking lots on my property … then I deserve to be compensated for some portion of that money.”

Uhm how did this guy get famous? I doubt producers are thinking “oh gee let me make a character thats based on a non talented ‘rapper’ named Riff Raff.” I highly doubt them or ANYBODY for that matter is thinking about Riff Raff. This has to be a joke. BOY SIT DOWN!