JD & JStyles Show Episode 3 Part 3

In this final video from Episode 3, JD & JStyles discuss Ludacris child support situation, and their thoughts on Miley Cyrus recent actions.

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Future Drops New Single

Some people may call him Future, others call him Future Hendrix, and others call him Future Jakcson. But you can call him whatever you want, just know the man is a rising star in the music industry. Future dropped his new single that features Miley Cyrus, and Mr Hudson titled “Real and True”.  This new single will be on Futures new album which is titled “Honest”.


Miley Cyrus in Future’s New Video

Miley is always fresh off the press! Since, the 20 year old singer made a come back to her music career she’s been causing a lot of ruckus. From her family drama, to her break up with fiance Liam Hemsworth, and that absurd performance at the Video Music Awards, she has been everywhere.

Miley has dipped over to her darker side collabing with Mike Will Made It (her rumored new man), Juicy J (her rumored baby daddy), and Wiz Khalifa in “23” and now she’s appearing in Future’s new video “Real and True”.

Miley has transformed into an naked alien in this futuristic video by Future, of course.

This is a great platform for Future to get more publicity and fans because of course its Miley Cyrus and shes everywhere!

“Real and True” is set to premiere Friday.

Check it out:

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Miley Projected to Sell 250k


All that twerking has finally done Miley Cyrus some good. As she’s projected to sell 250k for her latest album Bangerz. Miley has received nothing but great reviews for this album. Her two singles off the album are “Wrecking Ball”, and “We Can’t Stop”. I haven’t heard the album, but I’ll definitely check it out. See what happens when you hangout with black artist, and twerk? You come out and sell 250k in your opening week. Twerking isn’t just a dance, but it’s a way of life. Congrats to Miley!

Fire Twerk Video a Fake


Now if you were like me, you had the “girl who caught on fire from twerking” video on replay. Something didn’t feel too authentic with the tape and now there is proof.

In the video, a girl deciding to get on a handstand on the door to twerk for the camera, as America does her roommate enters knocking her down on the coffee table as the lit candles caught her clothes on fire. The video cut off immediately. Well in the real end of the video shows Jimmy Kimmel extinguish the fire.

Kimmel had the twerker on his show and revealed that she is a stunt woman that he hired to hopefully put an end to tweaking forever stating:

“We shot the video two months ago and we posted it on YouTube. We didn’t send it to any TV stations. I didn’t tweet it. We didn’t put it on any news websites, we just put it on YouTube and let the magic happen. It got 9 million views in less than a week,” adding “Some people even blamed Miley Cyrus as if this was her fault.”

Cant blame Miley, but she has been the butt face of “twerking gone wrong.”

Splitsville? Miley Cyrus vs Liam Hemsworth


In today’s society, its not official until you announce it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites– well, Miley unfollowed Liam on Twitter.


Could Liam be upset at the VMA performance? Could Liam be upset at Miley’s more sexual, struggling twerking behavior? Maybe Miley is coming into her own? Who knows, but could it be SPLITSVILLE for the couple?

What do you think?

Mike Will Made It – 23 ft Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J


Mike Will Made It has premiered his first single with Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and Juicy J called 23.

Miley Cyrus is showing us she can twerk and rap:

         “Im in the club high off purp with some shades on tatted up mini skirt with some Jays on”


Rumors have been swirling that Miley has been cheating on her fiance Liam Hemsworth with Mike Will Made it who produced her hit “We Cant Stop”.

Miley Cyrus On The Black Skinhead Remix?


According to reports Kanye was in the studio with Miley Cyrus after the VMA Awards working on the remix to Black Skinhead. Now to be honest with you I haven’t heard any music from Miley Cyrus, but if she raps as bad as she twerks I won’t be interested in what she has to say on this remix. But I’ll definitely listen to it when the song drops. Here’s hoping Mileys twerking ability doesn’t rub off on her rapping abilities.