K. Michelle Speaks on Tamar Braxton and Breakup With Lance Stephenson



In honor of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: New York premiers tonight, K. Michelle had an interview with The Skorpion Show— check out the interview below:

On her beef with Tamar:
People are gonna always look at K like a bully. I always win arguments [but] just because I win them doesn’t mean I start them. The thing with this situation, I have never come for this lady first, ever. But every time she has commented, I have come back….but I’m the bully. I think this recent time people have started to see: ‘K isn’t saying anything to you.’

For you to be half of a 100, there’s no reason that you still should be coming from me. I’m a newbie. You’ve had five records deals. You’re first album debuted at a 127. There’s no reason that you should be coming for me. I’m sitting back, I’m minding my business. I have done nothing to this woman. I even bought her album, I’ve been very supportive.

Tamar is very quick to go and throw shade at people and go and hider her hands. Excuses for everything. She can go and pick on Nicki [Minaj]. She had the nerve to say that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant. You never come for the queen. You don’t come for Beyonce like that. But she did. She comes for everybody, but then when you attack her or defend yourself, you’re a bully. Thats not how it goes in America. I don’t need Vince. I’m not scared of nobody. I’mma say what the f*ck I feel. You’re one big joke, its easy for me to tell you about yourself.

On what it would take for their feud to end:
It’s ended honey, go sing! Don’t bother me. Don’t keep commenting on me. Do go what you need to do, cause everytime you come for me, I’m going to keep reading you on it. We’re two singers, we need to sing. There’s people looking up to us, so let’s sing. You will never keep coming for me and think that I’m not going to defend myself. As ratchet as you wanna call me, I have a right to defend myself. So as long as you slick throwing shade and do things and fighting with me about a wig? B-tch you old you bout to lose you’re hair anyway!

We have NEVER met, that’s whats so crazy! [But] I will read you. No one will come for me. The only person that will come for me, is jesus to take me home to glory. No one will come for me and think I’m not gonna say anything. As long as you stop, I stop. I told everybody to support you & buy your album because it’s R&B.

It’s ended today, but if she keeps on and all the excuses…B*tch shut up and sing! Like they did in the old days.

Double Mint Twins: Rihanna VS Joseline Hernandez


Since season one of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, Joseline Hernandez has been compared to Rihanna……….. and a man. None the less, I can see the resemblance since RiRi switched up her style again with a shorter look.

Who wore it better?

Whoa Dere Tahiry


We’ve been slipping  when it comes to the Whoa Dere, but don’t worry we are back and posting every Friday. Our Whoa Dere of the week goes to Tahiry Jose. Now if you aren’t familiar with Tahiry she’s the on again, and off again girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden. Now before you go saying she’s got a body. You can’t forget her Dominican accent, and her face. She first came on to the scene a few years ago appearing on “Joe Budden TV”. Ever since then she’s become a star and very popular. She’s now a model, and host parties at clubs, but her body is what really making us go WHOA DERE. If you haven’t seen her you can catch her on Love and Hip Hop New York. But feel free to google her now to get familiar with her. God Bless you Tahiry, God Bless you. But hey you guys be the judge.



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta RECAP


5.) DJ Drew tells Traci he could have her if he wants.

Traci bought her “date” to her DJ job and introduced him to Drew. Drew invites Traci to lunch and tell her that she is suppose to be with him and he can still have her and tried to give her a little kiss on the lips.
Lets be real Traci, you only bought your “date” just to make Drew jealous. Im sure if he tried hard enough he could get her back.

4.) Possible threesome?

Benzino takes Kirk out of what was suppose to be a guys weekend of fishing but arrive at a cabin full of ladies, drinks, hot tubs and Bobby Valentino. To make things worse, Mr. Rasheeda goes in the bedroom with two women after leaving the steamy hot tub. UHM Kirk, aren’t you married?

3.) Lil Scrappy goes to jail
The judge issued a warrant for Lil Scrappy’s arrest. When he turned himself in of course his banger boo thang Erica was there along with Mama Dee crying as they took her “baby” away. You FIZZNIYEEEEE ME

2.) Joseline wants a ring?

Joseline wants a ring to feel like the “MAIN” chick, and suggest that they get engaged. She asked Stevie do he love her and his response was “like a pig pork”
How ironic that she crying, when it was Mimi last season.

1.) K. Michelle and Mimi mend their friendship

The ladies went to have lunch and apologized and accepted each other’s apology.