Whoa Dere!


It is an honor and a privilege to finally debut the segment that we here at Swickass like to call “Whoa Dere!” As used by my man Big Sean, these weekly posts will be highlighting a sexy female that has caught our attention and forced us to say, “Whoa Dere!”

This week’s pick had to be the easiest pick in the history of the segment. Personally, no matter how hard I tried all week, I could not get this dime off my mind.
Picture a woman who stands about 5 feet 2 inches tall, has a banging body, and is incredibly mature. I’m talking about none other than………..Gloria C. Mackenzie!
After coming out earlier this week to claim the largest jackpot in multi-state lottery history, this 84 year old sex symbol has EVERY SINGLE DUDE ON THE PLANET eyeing her fine ass.
She is so sexy that when she was standing in line to buy her power ball ticket, the guy behind her was so thirsty for her number that he let her cut him in line. Not only did this clown not get Mackenzie’s number, but he also missed out on the golden ticket.
The mold was definitely broken when this hottie was made. She is pure perfection. I can honestly say that there are about 590 million reasons why I think she is not only the hottest chick of the week but probably the hottest chick on the planet. This is why Gloria C. Mackenzie has left me and many other guys saying,  WHOA DERE!!