The Leg Drop

Would you believe me if I said I was concussed? That’s what Khyati Shah was feeling like after the infamous Miguel leg drop sent shockwaves through the internet at last week’s Billboard Awards.

After sitting back and receiving the leg drop from the top rope and coming back to her senses, it looks like Miss Shah will be pursuing a lawsuit against the R&B star. According to Shah’s lawyer, she has been experiencing “difficulties” since the incident.

And I can’t blame her. If I got leg dropped on National TV, I would pursue a lawsuit as well. Just off the embarrassment alone. But I know it would take some time to act on it considering how bad her entire head snapped back when Miguel thought he had on some Space Jam Jordans and went soaring across stage but ended up landing short and landing the infamous leg drop to Miss Shah’s neck.

Shah’s lawyer didn’t dismiss reaching a settlement with the singer, but you have to give Miguel props after completing the leg drop. Miguel played it cool by just chilling in the leg drop finishing position. If you have been living under a rock, here’s the clip.

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