Did Kim Kardashian West forget North West in Hotel?

There is a video surfacing that many seem to believe that Kim Kardashian West forgot her OWN daughter North West. In the video you see Kim about to get into a car,  looks around, whisper something to the bodyguard (many claims she asks ‘Where’s North’) then walks back inside with North moments later. 

Did Kim actually forgot about her North? (I hope that isn’t the case) Let’s give Kim the benefit of the doubt, maybe she thought the nanny would bring North outside– or maybe she wanted to check if it was safe for Nori (she did just get attacked days before)– or maybe she thought North was already in the car. 

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Rob Kardashian Trending for Being FAT! Khloe defends Baby Bro!

robkPREMIUM EXCL Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian still very overweight leaving for Paris

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you will know that Robert Kardashian has packed on a few pounds over the past couple years. Kardashian is “depressed, going to rehab and is in fat camp,” according to the numerous rumor reports. New photos surfaced of a heavier set Rob on the way to Paris for the Kimye wedding, and the twitterverse had a field day, making him the Trending Topic; leaving him and sister Khloe to speak out.










Money aint “SH*T” to Scott Disick

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Scott “Lord” Disick is showing the world how much of a baller he really is. The Lord took to his Instagram and posted:

Hello, peasant's is that u? #fucku

Hello, peasant’s is that u? #fucku

I know y'all didn't think I would actually use toilet paper!

I know y’all didn’t think I would actually use toilet paper!

Just came out! 50cm hermes birkin covered in hundos

Just came out! 50cm hermes birkin covered in hundos

Can’t be mad or hate if you have the money Scott has. Must be nice….