Did Kim Kardashian West forget North West in Hotel?

There is a video surfacing that many seem to believe that Kim Kardashian West forgot her OWN daughter North West. In the video you see Kim about to get into a car,  looks around, whisper something to the bodyguard (many claims she asks ‘Where’s North’) then walks back inside with North moments later. 

Did Kim actually forgot about her North? (I hope that isn’t the case) Let’s give Kim the benefit of the doubt, maybe she thought the nanny would bring North outside– or maybe she wanted to check if it was safe for Nori (she did just get attacked days before)– or maybe she thought North was already in the car. 

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Kanye Signs Fake Yeezys

Kanye is in Paris preparing for his wedding with Kim Kardashian, but that didn’t stop him from signing some autographs. When a fan approached Ye with some fake Red Octobers, Kanye let the fan know that his sneakers were fake. The cool thing about the whole situation is that Kanye still signed the shoes and went on about his day. Note to future fans, please make sure your shoes are real when you’re trying to approach Kanye or you’ll get put on blast!

View the video below.

Kanye Goes On Another Rant

I feel like we report this once a week, but it has happened again! Yes folks Kanye has went on another epic rant. This time Kanye let his feelings out while on tour in LA. I’m not sure why he’s wearing a diamond encrusted mask to cover his face, but he still made sure to get his point across in this rant, like always. He wanted to ask the crowd one thing “Do Y’all love it when I talk my s**t?” I hope when I see Kanye on the Yeezus tour in November that I’m fortunate to catch one of these rants in person.