Justin Bieber Drops the N bomb?


There’s a new song from a “Justin Bieber” YouTube account and it figures the Biebs dropping the N bomb. Well according to Bieber’s camp, someone created a fake account that is very similar to Justin’s real account. “What She Wants ” Official 2013, (it has to be real if it says ‘official’)¬†what the hoaxer uploaded, where a sound-a-like drops the N bomb.

The video has since been removed from YouTube, the song that was originally posted was actually a song from an artist named Khalil Underwood.

From Catching Touchdowns to Catching Bieber?


Earlier this week, NFL veteran Keyshawn Johnson decided to come out of retirement. One would think that it would be to do what he was once decent at, which was catching footballs. However, although Keyshawn was trying to catch something, it wasn’t footballs. Keyshawn Johnson was actually trying to catch a Bieber.

Apparently Justin Bieber felt that it was okay to whip his new Ferrari around his residential Calabasas neighborhood, at the tune of 90mph. When this was brought to Keyshawn’s attention, he allegedly called the cops and followed Bieber all the way to his home.

When the police showed up, it was no longer Bieber who was in the driver’s seat, but, instead, it was his friend who goes by the name of “Lil Twist.” Apparently, neither was ticketed but simply asked to drive slower.

After reading this story a few things came to mind: A.) How could this police officer let the Bieber fever get the best of him so as not to even give the 19 year old a ticket?

B.) Although I was never Keyshawn’s biggest fan as a football player, I have to say I applaud him for taking the initiative of putting this skinny jean-wearing punk in his place. As a father myself, I don’t care if it was Lil Twist and Barack Obama driving that Ferrari. I’m not running the risk of any clown potentially causing harm to my family.

And finally C.) What the heck has happened to this kid? As soon as him and Disney Channel sweetheart, Selena Gomez broke up, he’s done nothing but hit up various nightclubs shirtless, post pictures online of his not so swick-ass, and now this speeding incident. Maybe it’s the fact that Will Smith’s kid is allegedly pulling off the robbery of his “boy’s” ex-girl.

Nevertheless, Justin’s mentor, Usher should probably stop gliding around for 5 minutes and take the time to talk some sense into his wreckless protege.