Whoa Dere Tahiry


We’ve been slippingĀ  when it comes to the Whoa Dere, but don’t worry we are back and posting every Friday. Our Whoa Dere of the week goes to Tahiry Jose. Now if you aren’t familiar with Tahiry she’s the on again, and off again girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden. Now before you go saying she’s got a body. You can’t forget her Dominican accent, and her face. She first came on to the scene a few years ago appearing on “Joe Budden TV”. Ever since then she’s become a star and very popular. She’s now a model, and host parties at clubs, but her body is what really making us go WHOA DERE. If you haven’t seen her you can catch her on Love and Hip Hop New York. But feel free to google her now to get familiar with her. God Bless you Tahiry, God Bless you. But hey you guys be the judge.