Miss Tina Tell Her Personal Story

Tina Knowles was recently a keynote speaker at a luncheon, where she gave her personal testimony on her marriage to Mathew Knowles and her happiness now. Miss Tina was introduced by Mrs. Creuzot (one of Tina’s close friends for over 30 years)– also the owner of Frenchy’s Chicken. At the 4:27 mark is when Miss Tina starts her speech.¬†

Power Couples ALERT!

Last weekend the Global Citizen Festival was held in New York City and many were surprised to see “Power Couple” Jay Z & Beyonce alongside with “Power Couple” ¬†Swizz Beatz & a glowing Alicia Keys. But a while back Keys did say her son Egypt and the Carters’ Blue Ivy have play dates.



Justin Timberlake Releases New Video


Justin Timberlake is having a great 2013, he’s released two albums, been on tour with Jay-Z, and he’s also doing his thing in movies. Timberlakes 2nd album, The 20/20 Experience Part 2 dropped in late September, and he released the 2nd video from the album titled “TKO”. In this video you even see Justin Timberlake make out with Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, Riley Keough. If you haven’t seen the video, we have it here.

Jay Z Responds to Barney’s Backlash


Jay Z is speaking out after petitioners urged him to end his clothing deal with Barneys New York, citing the reported racial profiling of two customers in one of the retail stores in New York City.
On his website Life +Times Saturday, the hip hop mogul said his collaboration with the retail store is rooted in charity and that he was waiting for all the facts to come in before making a decision.
“This collaboration lives in a place of giving and is about the Foundation,” Jay-Z said. “I am not making a dime from this collection; I do not stand to make millions, as falsely reported. I need to make that fact crystal clear.”

Diddy Wants to Own A Football Team


Diddy has accomplished so many things in his life, and he looks like he has more plans to continue that trend. Fresh off launching his new TV Network Revolt, Diddy has already decided what his next goal is. Diddy wants to become the first African American majority owner in the NFL. While speaking with Bloomberg TV this week, Diddy expressed his interest in owning a Football team “I’m more of an owner type of guy. So I have aspirations to become — it will happen — to become the first African-American majority owner,” Diddy said. “Not having a small stake but actually owning an NFL team. I think it’s time for that. A majority of the players in the NFL are African-American but there are no African-American owners. So that’s one of my dreams.” I think it’s a great idea by Diddy. I like that Diddy and Jay-Z are getting money outside of the music industry. Jay-Z now has a sports agency, and we may see Diddy become a majority owner of a Football team. I’m always down to see someone make history, especially if it’s something that’s going to leave a impact on the world. Congrats to Diddy for launching his Revolt network this week, and good luck on his pursuit of owning a Football team. I’m sure it won’t be too long until he makes that happen.