T-Mac Retires


Just a week after Iverson announced his retirement from the NBA, Tracy Mcgrady has followed suit. While appearing on ESPNs First Take this week, Mcgrady announced his retirement. He’ll mostly be remembered as the superstar that should have been. Mcgrady battled many injuries during his 16 year career in the NBA. Mcgrady began his career with the Toronto Raptors when he was selected out of High School with the 9th overall pick in the 1997 draft and teamed up with his cousin Vince Carter to form a nice one two punch, but after the Raptors couldn’t offer T-Mac the max contract he wanted. So they shipped him to Orlando where Mcgrady ended up teaming with Grant Hill. Hill couldn’t stay healthy during his years in Orlando, so it became Mcgradys team. In his first year with the Magic Mcgrady averaged 26.8 ppg. His best year in Orlando came in the 2002-2003 season where he averaged 32.1 ppg. On June 2004 Mcgrady was traded in a seven player trade that included Steve Francis, and Cuttino Mobley going to the Magic, and Mcgrady heading to the Rockets to team up with Yao Ming to form a nice wingman and dominant big man combo. But everything didn’t go as planned as Yao Ming battled injuries which later forced him to retired, and Mcgrady battled injuries as well. After the Rockets Mcgrady went on to play for the Knicks, Pistons, and Hawks. After the Hawks Mcgrady spent part of last year playing in the Chinese Basketball Association. He returned in April to the States and finished his career with the San Antonio Spurs. With the Spurs Mcgrady finally got out of the first rd and reached the finals for the first time in his career. Mcgrady career highlights were when he scored 13 pts in 35 seconds against the San Antonio Spurs which included four consecutive 3pointers made, a steal, and the game winning 3 pointer in the 81-80 Rockets win. T-mac won two NBA scoring titles, was named to the All-NBA team seven times, posted a 30.3 PER in 2002-2003 he’s one of seven modern players to post a 30 plus per, and he lead the Rockets to a 22 game winning streak in the 2007-2008 season. Many people will always say during T-Macs good years he never got his team out of the first rd, but when I think of T-Mac I think of a freak athlete that did amazing things on the court, and his career would have been different if he didn’t battle back and knee injuries. Is T-Mac a Hall Of Famer? I believe so, but we will see what the voters say 5 years from now.



Terrance Jones Arrested


Houston Rockets player Terrance Jones was arrested early Wednesday morning in Portland, Oregon after a police officer saw Jones stomping a homeless man telling him to “Wake Up”. The incident took place outside of a downtown nightclub. Jones was booked in the Multnomah County Jail on a harassment charge. The homeless man is now being identified as 46 year old Daniel Kellerher. He suffered minor injuries. I just want to know how many drinks did Jones have to go out of his way to stomp on a homeless man? And for Mr.Kellerher you won’t be sleeping outside much longer, because I’m sure you will receive a nice paycheck some way or another. Jones is expected to compete for the starting power forward position this season to start along side Dwight Howard. Jones is a Portland native where he starred at Portland’s Jefferson High School before attending the University of Kentucky and won a championship his freshman year.

Miami Heat Amnesty Mike Miller


Weeks ago Pat Riley told reporters don’t expect the Heat to amnesty Mike Miller…I guess Riley had a change of heart, as the Heat amnestied Mike Miller yesterday. Riley told USA today “After many discussions internally and a sincere effort to explore the trade market, we made a very difficult decision to use our amnesty provision on Mike Miller,” Riley said in a statement. “Mike had an incredible impact on the Miami Heat; helping us to three Finals appearances and winning back-to-back world championships. This was a very difficult decision for me personally, the Arison family, Erik (Spoelstra) and the entire Miami Heat organization. Mike was one of the best we have ever had here, and will be sorely missed. We wish Mike, his wife Jennifer and their family nothing but the best.” This is a big loss for the Heat. Miller didn’t do much the last two years during the regular season, but he was a big part to what the Heat did when the playoffs came around. Heat will still pay Miller the $12.8 million he’s owed over the next two years, but the Heat will save $16 million in luxury tax. Miller told USA today “One thing I’ve learned through 13 years of basketball is the business side of it, and I completely understand it,” Miller said. “But I’ve got a lot of basketball left. This is the best I’ve felt in five years and that might have something to do with the fact that I haven’t played (much). Sometimes, there’s light at the end of the tunnel even when you’re frustrated.” Miller leaves Miami with two championship rings. Look for Miller to join a championship contending team. Clippers, Spurs, Nets, Thunder, and Rockets come to mind.

Young Houston Fan Warns Shaq


Dwight Howard held his press conference with the Houston Rockets on Saturday, and the city went nuts. One young fan didn’t appreciate what Shaq said about Dwight, and calling the city of Houston “A little town”.. Is it safe to say this young fan has earned season tickets from Dwight this year? Here’s the clip.

Dwight Howard Starts the NBA Firework Festivites

It took sometime, but Dwight Howard has finally made his decision and he’s chosen to sign with the Houston Rockets over the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s been a long week of speculation with many rumors, but the one rumor that was true was Dwights interest in joining the Rockets. Dwight now joins another star in James Harden, and a rising stud in Chandler Parsons. With Howard I call this Rockets team the Magic 2.0, but the difference with this team is James Harden is a big time player and can do things players on those old Magic teams can’t do. Dwight chose the Rockets over the Lakers, Warriors, and Mavs. Dwight felt it was his best chance to win a championship, and he left $30million dollars on the table to do so.

Laker fans aren’t too pleased, but now have to respect Dwight for his decision. Dwight finally had the chance to make his own decision after screwing himself two years ago by opting into the final year of his deal with the Magic. Laker fans shouldn’t be sad for too long as they will have lots of cap space to play with next off season with a jammed packed free agent class. Just don’t count on Lebron leaving Miami for LA. LA best bet is to tank next so they can get into the lottery and draft someone to be the new face of the franchise once Kobe retires. Next years draft class is projected to be as good as the 2003 class or even better. So they should be in good shape. Rockets will certainly be better than the 8th seeded team that made the playoffs last year. The Rockets don’t seem to be done improving the roster, reportedly they’re also interested in a sign and trade with the Atlanta Hawks to acquire Dwight Howards good friend, Josh Smith. One question for the Rockets is how do you fill out the rest of the roster? They will certainly need more shooters to space the floor while Dwight operates the paint. So we’ll see what tricks Daryl Morey has up his sleeves. I personally think Golden State presented the best chance for Dwight to win.

They have two lights out shooters in Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry and new ownership that’s looking to win now. We’ll see if it works out for him four years from now. I also feel that he didn’t want to have that pressure playing in LA and following in Shaq’s footsteps. I think its safe to say Dwight likes to be in a smaller market and just being the silly energetic guy that he is, and that’s something Kobe didn’t want him to be. The big picture is how desperate was Dwight to leave the Lakers? He left 30million on the dollars on the table just to join another team on a shorter deal. I guess the rumors were true that he didn’t like playing with Kobe. Reports were that he was turned off by Kobe’s sales pitch to stay with the Lakers. Reportedly Kobes pitch was “I’ll show you how to win championships”.

Dwight has now updated his twitter profie @DwightHoward and changed it into him wearing a Rockets jersey. He also changed his location on twitter from LA to Houston. And just to make things even more interesting, Kobe and Dwight both unfollowed each other on twitter and instagram. Safe to say the NBA will make sure they’ll schedule Houston in LA for opening night. I respect how Dwight went about making his decision. It was many rumors about Dwight being indecisive, but there  were other reports that his mind was made up and he just wanted a face to face meeting with LA management to let them know he’s going to Houston. Overall I’m happy for Dwight and I wish him luck in Houston.