Did Kim Kardashian West forget North West in Hotel?

There is a video surfacing that many seem to believe that Kim Kardashian West forgot her OWN daughter North West. In the video you see Kim about to get into a car,  looks around, whisper something to the bodyguard (many claims she asks ‘Where’s North’) then walks back inside with North moments later. 

Did Kim actually forgot about her North? (I hope that isn’t the case) Let’s give Kim the benefit of the doubt, maybe she thought the nanny would bring North outside– or maybe she wanted to check if it was safe for Nori (she did just get attacked days before)– or maybe she thought North was already in the car. 

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DMX Caught Running Naked In Hotel Hallway


DMX is in the news again, but it’s not about money issues. This time X was caught on camera running naked in a hotel hallway.  TMZ spoke with the rapper and he said “I’m not ashamed of anything I got”. Someone please get DMX in a drug rehab center ASAP.