The Clock Is Ticking

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a life long Bulls fan. Dating back to the Jordan era, and until now. The one thing I hate about this franchise that upsets me the most, is when they are never able to bring in a big time SUPERSTAR through free agency. The best players that they’ve ever brought in are guys like Eddie Robinson (BUM), and Ron Mercer (BUM). They’ve struck out on stars like Grant Hill, and Tracy Mcgrady back in the day. Four years ago the Bulls struck out on Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh the three biggest names in free agency that year. But they settled for guys like Carlos Boozer (BUM), Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, and CJ Watson. Basically guys that weren’t enough to win a championship aka Utah Jazz 2.0. I’ve always asked myself, “Why doesn’t anyone want to come to Chicago?”

Chicago is the third biggest market in America, and we can’t get anyone to come here. I know most recently the Bulls have fallen on bad luck, thanks to Derrick Rose missing the past two years due to injuries. But it has to be something the front office can do in order to bring in some big names to help this team. Now in 2014 the big talk is about bringing in Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love. Two names that have been consistently brought up for the past two years. Do I think the Bulls can land one of these guys? NO! I think if we strikeout on Carmelo Anthony, we need to make a trade to acquire Kevin Love. And I don’t think you stop there, after we acquire Kevin Love, I think the Bulls need to make a trade for Aaron Afflalo. The shooting guard position has been our biggest weakness these last couple of years, and I think Afflalo addresses that need for us. But knowing our front office none of this will happen. Our front office sucks! Gar Forman, and John Paxson haven’t done a damn thing since they’ve been in control of this roster. The best thing they’ve done was draft Joakim Noah, and somehow the NBA blessed the Bulls with the number 1 pick back in 2008 so they could draft Derrick Rose. I think it’s time for the Bulls to get a whole new front office. I don’t know how you can’t get any big name stars to come to Chicago, when we all know Chicago sales itself! These guys are obviously doing something wrong, and I think as fans we need to DEMAND drastic changes if the front office can’t land Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony this summer. We can’t waste the rest of the prime years we have in Noah, Butler, Gibson, and Rose. This summer will show me a lot about where this organization is headed, and I hope all Bulls fans feel the same.

Monta Is On The Go

As expected, The Mississippi Missile aka Monta Ellis has finally opted out of the final year of his player option contract which would of paid him 11million next year. The Bucks reportedly offered Monta a 2year extension worth 24million but Monta had to opt into the 11million option year which would of put the extension total to 36million.

Monta had adjust his game playing alongside Brandon Jennings the last two years but still managed to avg 19.2 ppg, 3.9rebs, 6.0 apg, and had a 41% field goal percentage. The 19.2ppg lead the Bucks in scoring. Now the 27yr old is a free agent, and is available to choose where he wants to go for the first time in his career. He gets a chance to secure a long term deal with a team that has a better chance of competing to win games, and reach the playoffs to compete for a ring (something that he wants to do) instead of being in Milwaukee where winning doesn’t really matter. He’s a very undervalued scorer in the NBA, and is very underrated.

During his time with the Warriors he averaged 25.5ppg in 09-10, 24.1ppg ’10-11′, and 21.1ppg in ’11-12′ before being traded to the Bucks that year. Atlanta Hawks, Dallas Mavericks, and surprisingly the Los Angeles Lakers have all shown interest. In terms of fit I think Monta Ellis would be good on the Mavericks, Pacers, Hawks, Twolves, Bulls, and Grizzlies. Now some of the teams I’ve mentioned have cap room, and some don’t.

If you sign Monta Ellis you know exactly what kind of player you’re getting he can get his own shot, scoring machine, and he isn’t afraid of the moment especially when it comes to the 4th quarter. Dallas maybe the place he ends up at though. They need scoring help, and Monta can help out when it comes to running the team at the point guard position as well. Wherever he ends up I hope it’s with a franchise that’s trying to win, somewhere he can go so his game will be appreciated, compete for a ring, and that he can be on a platform so NBA fans can see how good this guy is.