The Clock Is Ticking

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a life long Bulls fan. Dating back to the Jordan era, and until now. The one thing I hate about this franchise that upsets me the most, is when they are never able to bring in a big time SUPERSTAR through free agency. The best players that they’ve ever brought in are guys like Eddie Robinson (BUM), and Ron Mercer (BUM). They’ve struck out on stars like Grant Hill, and Tracy Mcgrady back in the day. Four years ago the Bulls struck out on Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh the three biggest names in free agency that year. But they settled for guys like Carlos Boozer (BUM), Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer, and CJ Watson. Basically guys that weren’t enough to win a championship aka Utah Jazz 2.0. I’ve always asked myself, “Why doesn’t anyone want to come to Chicago?”

Chicago is the third biggest market in America, and we can’t get anyone to come here. I know most recently the Bulls have fallen on bad luck, thanks to Derrick Rose missing the past two years due to injuries. But it has to be something the front office can do in order to bring in some big names to help this team. Now in 2014 the big talk is about bringing in Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Love. Two names that have been consistently brought up for the past two years. Do I think the Bulls can land one of these guys? NO! I think if we strikeout on Carmelo Anthony, we need to make a trade to acquire Kevin Love. And I don’t think you stop there, after we acquire Kevin Love, I think the Bulls need to make a trade for Aaron Afflalo. The shooting guard position has been our biggest weakness these last couple of years, and I think Afflalo addresses that need for us. But knowing our front office none of this will happen. Our front office sucks! Gar Forman, and John Paxson haven’t done a damn thing since they’ve been in control of this roster. The best thing they’ve done was draft Joakim Noah, and somehow the NBA blessed the Bulls with the number 1 pick back in 2008 so they could draft Derrick Rose. I think it’s time for the Bulls to get a whole new front office. I don’t know how you can’t get any big name stars to come to Chicago, when we all know Chicago sales itself! These guys are obviously doing something wrong, and I think as fans we need to DEMAND drastic changes if the front office can’t land Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony this summer. We can’t waste the rest of the prime years we have in Noah, Butler, Gibson, and Rose. This summer will show me a lot about where this organization is headed, and I hope all Bulls fans feel the same.

Kevin Durant And Dwayne Wade At Odds?

Kevin Durant was doing a media tour promoting his work with his sponsors when he was asked about Sports Illustrated Top 10 NBA players list. Durant felt James Harden should be ranked in the Top 10 over Dwayne Wade. When Wade got word of this he responded on Instagram. Wade posted “9-24-13: Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the top 10 …. Note to self: Make him respect your place in history .. — again …” It was accompanied by a statement from Wade that read: “Don’t believe me just watch.” Then Kevin Durant went on to Twitter to send a response of his own. “Show Me Don’t Tweet Me” I totally agree with what Durant said Harden is a star as we all saw last year and he deserves to be ranked in the Top 10 and Dwayne Wade is on the decline. We all respect and love Dwayne Wade for what he’s done for the NBA, but right now I’d take Harden over Wade too. This is just a case of a older player not wanting to pass the torch over to a younger player. Peep the responses below. And if you were wondering the Thunder take on the Heat January 29th in Miami, and that game will be on ESPN.

Kevin Durant Reponse

Dwade Reponse

NBA Allowing Nicknames On The Back Of Jerseys?

NBA is discussing rather to have Nicknames on the back of the Heat and Nets jerseys in one of the four games they play this season. Yes NBA fans you may get the chance to see Lebron James with King James on the back of his jersey, Ray Allen with Shuttlesworth on his, Dwayne Wade with W.O.W, Paul Pierce with the Truth, and Kevin Garnett with The Big Ticket. This is just another way for the NBA to make more money. I’m not interested in buying someones jersey with their nickname on it, but I know there will be some fans that are interested in purchasing a jersey with a nickname. Kendall Marshall of the Phoenix Suns isn’t a fan of the move either saying on Twitter “The nickname makes it more about the individual,” “It’s still a team sport. Represent your team, your family, and go out there and play.” But we will see if the NBA proceeds with the plan.


Dwayne Wade’s Ex Wife Homeless on the Streets of Chicago


Basketball superstar Dwayne Wades ex wife appears to be homeless now on the streets of Downtown Chicago in front of the Daly Center. Not only did she lose her kids in a custody battle but she appears to be very stressed and hurt on the streets laying down.

wade 2  wade 3

Dwayne Wade recently signed a shoe deal over in China for $100 million dollars and she says he has not gave her any money from any of his endorsements. I think this is one of the reasons why she doesn’t have the kids in the first place. She has always been after Dwayne Wade and his longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union. It is quite bothersome to see her out on the streets. These pictures does raise some questions like where is her family? And why doesn’t he give her money to help her financially? Who are these women helping her hold signs up anyway? She still is the mother of his children and his ex wife. Hopefully, Dwayne can help her out and get her off the streets

pictures courtesy of Necole Bitchie

A 2nd Chance

LeBron James 2013

The Miami Heat are your 2013 NBA Champions after defeating the San Antonio Spurs 95-88. That sounds like a stretch considering they were 28seconds away on Tuesday from losing on their home floor to the San Antonio Spurs. But with a clutch Ray Allen three pointer to tie the game, which was the biggest shot of his career. It gave the Heat life and a second chance. They capitalized on it and forced a game 7. Tonight Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and even Shane Battier stepped up when their team needed them the most and made big shot after big shot. Chris Bosh was no where to be found as he finished with 0 points and 7rebs something you wouldn’t expect from a max player, but Bosh will be remembered for his big rebound in game 6. Shane Battier filled Bosh roll as he made 6 big threes and finished with 18pts after getting a couple of DNPS during the playoffs. Spurs gave Lebron and DWade the jump shot all series long, and tonight they made them pay every time. Lebron finished with a game high 37 pts, and DWade added 23pts. I was waiting for them to miss all 2nd half because it looked too good to be true, but Lebron and Wade made every possession count. Lebron made a clutch shot to make it 92-88 and then followed that up with a steal thanks to another Manu Ginobili turnover, and then he walked to the line to make two huge free throws and the Heat never looked back. Lebron is now in good company as he is the third player in NBA history to win a NBA Finals MVP, and NBA League MVP in back to back years. The only two other players to do so were Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.

For the Spurs this one stings. Tim Duncan had another great game as he finished with 24pts and 12rebs, but missed a crucial shot to tie the game with 50seconds left when he had Shane Battier guarding him. Danny Green was big early on in the series when people thought he should be Finals MVP, but when the Spurs needed him in game 6 and 7 he went 2-19. Manu Ginobili made some key turnovers in game 6 and 7, but he showed up scoring wise tonight scoring 18pts. One guy the Spurs could have used in this series was Stephen Jackson the one they cut towards the end of the year because he felt he was better than Manu Ginobili and Danny Green. Can you imagine how much of a difference he would of made in game 6 and 7? I know he could of made a couple of those shots Danny Green couldn’t in these last two games. Can’t forget about Tony Parker either who was a shell of himself going 3-12 tonight. I know Lebron was guarding him sometimes but Tony Parker wasn’t the MVP Tony Parker we’ve seen all season long. One positive sign the Spurs had throughout the series was 2nd year forward Kawhi Leonard who showed up all series and had a big game 7 with 19pts and 16rebs. I think it’s safe to say the Spurs have found themselves a face of the franchise once Tim Duncan decides to hang it up. I know coach Pop will have some regrets and wish he did somethings differently in this series. I also was curious as to why Popovich was hugging on DWade and Lebron like he wasn’t upset that they loss game 7. He bear hugged DWade and Lebron like they just graduated from College.

This was probably the Spurs best shot at winning the title. I don’t see them getting to the Finals next year. The Thunder will be back, and the Western Conference will certainly be improved. For the Heat they will look to three peat next year, but that won’t be easy. They’ll be tested next year with the Eastern Conference only getting better and improving every year. A healthy Derrick Rose should be ready to go at the start of next year, and those Indiana Pacers with their superstar Paul George, who sent the Heat to seven games themselves will be improved. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Heat attempt to trade Chris Bosh this off season to add a legitimate force in the paint.  This game tonight was certainly earned and I’m very impressed with how Lebron and Dwayne Wade played tonight. Next year will definitely be a great NBA season. But for now congrats to the 2013 NBA Final Champions

The Headband Game

Last night while watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals I thought the Spurs had the game wrapped up. Lebron had 12pts through 3 qtrs, and no sighting of DWade. Everything was looking like Tim Duncan was well on his way to his 5th title. Until the 4th qtr came and Lebron ended up losing his headband due to a alley oop dunk, then he erupted like a man possessed not letting anyone slow him down.  He carried the Heat in the 4th qtr and OT scoring 16pts. Lebron fans may want to go out and purchase the shoes Lebron had on last night because those shoes will be now called the headband game. Lebron went from watching the Spurs dethrone him at his own kingdom to living to fight another day. Now there’s a game 7 Thursday night with the winner winning the NBA championship.

For the Spurs they should be in San Antonio right now going around the city with the trophy, but now they’re in South Beach getting ready for game 7. They should of won last night, the game was theirs. The Spurs were seconds away from hosting the trophy, but Kawhi Leonard missed a KEY free throw in the closing seconds of the 4th qtr allowing the Heat to get the ball back down three. Lebron got a look at a three for the tie but missed, luckily Bosh was there and had the biggest rebound of his career and passed it to Ray Allen who hit the game tying three pointer with 5.2secs left. I must give props to Bosh who actually showed up and rebounded the basketball he had a double double scoring 12pts and pulling down 11rebs. To make matters worse, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Danny Green all had bad games.

Manu had a career high 8 turnovers he also had 9 points after going for 24pts in game 5, Danny Green came back down to earth by going 1-5 from three point range after he scored 24pts in game 5 and went 6-10 from the three. Spurs MVP Tony Parker went 6-23 from the field as well. Tim Duncan was a man among boys in the first half when he scored 25pts, but the second half and OT he only scored 5pts.  After game 6 Spurs looked and sounded like a team that left it all on the floor for game 6 hoping they would close it out, and didn’t sound too confident for game 7. Manu Ginobili said after the game ‘I have no clue how we’re going to be re-engergized,’ Ginobili said. ‘We’re devastated. But there’s no Game 8 afterward. So we’re going to have to play our best game.’” Spurs are a old team and I know they thought they had game 6 so game 7 will be interesting to see how they will respond to this loss.

I think Miami has all the momentum right now. They stole the game from the Spurs when the Spurs had it in their hands. The veterans on the Spurs should rally around each other because this maybe their last legit shot at capturing championship number 5 in franchise history. Try to wipe away what happened in game 6 and try to play the best basketball you can play in game 7 and leave it all on the floor hoping that leads to a game 7. Spurs must get contribution from Manu, and Danny Green. They need that Manu from game 5 if they want to win game 7. Not the turnover prone Manu. If the Spurs don’t go out and win game 7 the game 6 loss will sit on their minds all offseason and they will be thinking of things they should of done differently.