Donte Whitner Has A Name Change

After Whitner was fined 21,000 for his hit last Thursday against St. Louis Rams receiver Chris Givens. Whitner has decided he had enough, and decided to drop the W in his last name and replace it with a H to become Donte Hitner. Now if you do not know, you’re not allowed to change last names during the season unless you’re ready to purchase the remaining of those jerseys which Whitner said he’s willing to do “depending on how many there are”. Hitner added that he’s been called Hitner before the name change “If you ask fans around San Francisco and the Bay Area, they call me Donte Hitner anyway,” Hitner added. “I think it’s pretty cool.  Everything we do is for the fans, right?  We all understand that.  It’s entertainment, but at the same time it’s what I do. It’s my game, along with some things that happened recently, that’s why I went with it.” I hope Godell doesn’t play bully here, and just allow him to change his name to Hitner. I think it’s cool, and a jersey that fans will want to purchase. I can get use to calling him Donte Hitner.