Diddy Wants to Own A Football Team


Diddy has accomplished so many things in his life, and he looks like he has more plans to continue that trend. Fresh off launching his new TV Network Revolt, Diddy has already decided what his next goal is. Diddy wants to become the first African American majority owner in the NFL. While speaking with Bloomberg TV this week, Diddy expressed his interest in owning a Football team “I’m more of an owner type of guy. So I have aspirations to become — it will happen — to become the first African-American majority owner,” Diddy said. “Not having a small stake but actually owning an NFL team. I think it’s time for that. A majority of the players in the NFL are African-American but there are no African-American owners. So that’s one of my dreams.” I think it’s a great idea by Diddy. I like that Diddy and Jay-Z are getting money outside of the music industry. Jay-Z now has a sports agency, and we may see Diddy become a majority owner of a Football team. I’m always down to see someone make history, especially if it’s something that’s going to leave a impact on the world. Congrats to Diddy for launching his Revolt network this week, and good luck on his pursuit of owning a Football team. I’m sure it won’t be too long until he makes that happen.

Diddy and J Cole Get Into It?


Rumor is at Diddys after party for the VMAs J Cole and Diddy got into a little altercation. J Cole allegedly said something about Diddys on again off again none talented girlfriend Cassie. Which upset Diddy and they were about to come to blows. Until J Cole was kicked out of the party. Keep in mind these are all rumors nothing has been confirmed. Now Diddy has finally addressed the rumor on twitter and put the rumor to rest. Now J Cole and Diddy fans can rest easy no fights just a bunch of celebrities partying having a great time. After all Jay-z and Beyonce was at the party and I’m sure Jay-Z wouldn’t stand there while his artist get beat up. I’m also sure before Diddy does anything his bodyguards will handle any situation.

The Curse of DIDDY

Sean "P.Diddy" Combs Attends Heidi Klum's 3rd Annual Halloween Party


The curse of Diddy is in full effect again! We all know when Diddy represents you, eventually you:
A. Put out no more music
B. Changes religion
C. Goes to prison
D. Ends up broke
E. Ends up dead.
The only successful person that Diddy has represented with a career still intact is………….. Diddy.

Former Bad Boy rapper Loon, now known as Amir Muhadith, receives a 14 year sentence on drug charges and speaks from jail. Check out what he had to say in the link below.


Meanwhile………….Here’s a few people who have been “Diddy Bopped.”





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