NFL Week 10 Review

Late post, but here are your 5 things we learned from week 10.

1. The Panthers defense is legit. Lead by middle linebacker Luke Kuechly, the Panthers went into San Francisco to defeat the 49ers 10-9. In a all out defensive battle, the Panthers was the last team standing. This looks like a scary team come playoff time. They have another challenge this Monday night when they take on the New England Patriots.

2. Nick Foles leads the Eagles into Lambeau Field to face the Aaron Rodgers less Packers. I have to say this team looks better with Foles at quarterback over Michael Vick as they defeated the Packers 27-13. Foles went 12-18 for 228 with three touchdowns. Foles   has now thrown for 10 touchdowns the past two games with no interceptions. Lets see if Foles keeps up his hot streak this weekend against the Washington Redskins.

3. Whoever had the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Jacksonville Jaguars winning in the same week should try their look with the lottery this week. Both teams got their first wins of the season. They’re both now 1-8 on the season, and are in great shape to receive a top 5 pick in the 2014 NFL draft. It’s been a tough year for all professional football teams in the state of Florida.

4. The Arizona Cardinals are looking like playoff contenders. They defeated the Houston Texans 27-24 to move to 5-4 on the season. I’m a believer in their defense, but I need to see more from their offense. They will look to move to 6-4 this weekend when they take on the one game winning streak Jaguars.

5. I’m not sure if the Saints the best team in the NFL, but I do know they have the best offense in the NFL (besides the Broncos). They embarrassed the Dallas Cowboys by defeating them 49-17. I’m definitely looking forward to them taking on the Seattle Seahawks in a couple of weeks.

5 Things We Learned From Week 8

Another week of the NFL have come and gone. Here are the 5 Things We Learned From This week.

1. Geno Smith, and the New York Jets are way too inconsistent to be taken serious. After defeating the Patriots in week 7, and Geno Smith probably having his best game of his young NFL career. Geno and the Jets followed that up, with their worst game of the year by getting embarrassed by the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday 49-9. Geno was awful going 20-30 for 159yds, 2 interceptions, and a QBR of 4.1. If they continue their up and down roller coaster like season, they should upset the Saints at home this Sunday.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/186050571.jpg

2. Remember when the Eagles hired Chip Kelly this off-season and everyone had high expectations for their offense? Now eight games into the season Vick can’t stay healthy, leaving Sundays game after re-aggravating his hamstring. The backup to Vick is Nick Foles, who was also out with a concussion. So the Eagles turned to rookie quarterback Matt Barkley to step in. And it turns out that the Eagles offense isn’t who we thought they were.  Eagles gained a total of 200 yards on offense Sunday while losing to the Giants 15-7. Those 7points were scored on special teams. Eagles are 3-5 on the season, and haven’t won at home all year. The Giants have won two games in a row and are now 2-6 heading to their bye week.

3. When Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos spot you a 21-7 lead you’re suppose to take advantage of that. And the Washington Redskins didn’t, as the Broncos scored 38pts unanswered on Sunday to defeat the Redskins 45-21. Peyton started off slow turning the ball over 4xs, but bounced back to to throw for 354 yards and four touchdowns. Broncos have a bye this week, but face the undefeated Chiefs in week 10.

4. Don’t look now, but the Green Bay Packers finally have a consistent running game with rookie sensation Eddie Lacy. The Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday 44-31. Eddie Lacy carried the ball 29 times for 94 yards and a td. While Green Bays other running back James Starks chipped in with 7 carries for 57 yards and a td. The Packers now host the Bears this Monday night at home. The Bears need to be prepared for the Packers new two headed monster.

5. Calvin Johnson maybe the greatest wide receiver that has ever walked this planet. I always thought that Jerry Rice was the greatest WR I’d see in my lifetime, but now I’m second guessing myself. As Calvin Johnson torched the Cowboys DBs for 329 receiving yards and 1 touchdown. The catches he made were unbelievable as well as his stat line. Calvin came up eight yards short of being the first receiver in NFL history with the most receiving yards in a game. Matthew Stafford lead the Lions down the field in epic fashion as he lunged over the Cowboys defense at the 1 yard line with 12 seconds left to defeat the Cowboys 31-30.  This was easily the best Football game of the entire season so far.

Five Things We Learned From Week 3 Of The NFL

1.     The Colts look like the real deal defeating the NFC champs San Francisco 49ers 27-7. The Colts running game looks great with the 1-2punch in Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson. Bradshaw was the star back rushing for 95yards and a TD on 19 carries. Keep in mind Trent wasn’t used much in his first game as a Colt rushing for 39 yards and a td on 13 carries. That will change as the season goes on and he understands the playbook.

2.     I think it’s safe to say the Jacksonville Jaguars is the worst team in the NFL. Yes they’re worse than the Cleveland Browns. The Jaguars lost to the Seattle Seahawks 45-17. The Jaguars will certainly be in the discussion for the 2014 NFL number 1 pick.

3.     The Cowboys look like a real threat to win the NFC East. They defeated the St Louis Rams 31-7 on Sunday. If Romo doesn’t have his late season collapse we’re accustomed to seeing the Cowboys may finally make the playoffs for the first time since 2009.*349/cowboys31rams7.jpg

4.     The Browns aren’t tanking on the season. After the Trent Richardson trade everyone expected the Browns to tank the rest of the season to get a high draft pick so they can draft a Franchise Quarterback. But lead by backup QB Brian Hoyer they defeated the Minnesota Vikings on the road 31-27.

5.     The Bears had a statement game Sunday night. Going on the road and defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers on a national televised game 40-23 . Bears defense forced five turnovers, and the Bears offensive line is keeping Jay Cutler up and not allowing him to get sacked early on. If this good play continues lookout.

6.     I know I said five things but I’m making two execptions for the Manning brothers. This is the best regular season quarterback in NFL history and one of the greatest QBs of my time. There’s no stopping him as he put on another clinic against the Oakland Raiders last night passing for 3 TDS and defeating them 37-21. Peyton now has 12 tds on the season and he doesn’t look like he has any plans to slow down. The Philadelphia Eagles have a problem on their hands this Sunday when they fly to Denver to take on the Broncos.



Manning and the New York Giants fail to 0-3 on Sunday by getting embarrassed by the Carolina Panthers 31-0. The Giants are 0-3 for the first time since 1996. The Giants have several problems one problem is not protecting Eli Manning who’s tied for 2nd in the NFL in being sacked. Giants need to get their running game and defense in order.  The Giants will look for their first win this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs.


Forbes Top 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams     

Forbes released it’s top 50 most valuable sports franchises today and we have the list. Two FIFA Soccer teams lead the way at one and two in Real Madrid and Manchester United. I must admit, it’s a good feeling seeing the team you root for on this list.

#1 Real Madrid

Value: $3.3 billion
Owner: Club members

#2 Manchester United

Value: $3.165 billion
Owner: Glazer family

#3 Barcelona

Value: $2.6 billion
Owner: Club members

#4 New York Yankees

Value: $2.3 billion
Owner: Steinbrenner Family

#5 Dallas Cowboys

Value: $2.1 billion
Owner: Jerry Jones

#6 New England Patriots

Value: $1.635 billion
Owner: Robert Kraft

#7 Los Angeles Dodgers

Value: $1.615 billion
Owner: Guggenheim Baseball

#8 Washington Redskins

Value: $1.6 billion
Owner: Daniel Snyder

#9 New York Giants

Value: $1.468 billion
Owners: John Mara, Steven Tisch

#10 Arsenal

Value: $1.326 billion
Owner: Stan Kroenke

#11 Boston Red Sox

Value: $1.312 billion
Owners: John Henry, Thomas Werner

#12 Bayern Munich

Value: $1.309 billion
Owner: Club members

#13 Houston Texans

Value: $1.305 billion
Owner: Robert McNair

#14 New York Jets

Value: $1.284 billion
Owner: Robert Wood Johnson IV

#15 Philadelphia Eagles

Value: $1.26 billion
Owner: Jeffrey Lurie

#16 Chicago Bears

Value: $1.19 billion
Owner: McCaskey Family

#17 San Francisco 49ers

Value: $1.175 billion
Owners: Denise DeBartolo York, John York

#18 Green Bay Packers

Value: $1.161 billion
Owner: Shareholder-owned

#19 Baltimore Ravens

Value: $1.157 billion
Owner: Stephen Bisciotti

#20 Indianapolis Colts

Value: $1.154 billion
Owner: James Irsay

#21 Ferrari

Value: $1.15 billion
Owner: Fiat Group

#22 Denver Broncos

Value: $1.132 billion
Owner: Patrick Bowlen

#23 New York Knicks

Value: $1.1 billion
Owner: Madison Square Garden Co.

#24 Pittsburgh Steelers

Value: $1.1 billion
Owners: Daniel Rooney, Art Rooney II

#25 Miami Dolphins

Value: $1.06 billion
Owner: Stephen Ross

#26 Carolina Panthers

Value: $1.048 billion
Owner: Jerry Richardson

#27 Seattle Seahawks

Value: $1.04 billion
Owner: Paul Allen

#28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Value: $1.033 billion
Owner: Glazer family

#29 Tennessee Titans

Value: $1.011 billion
Owner: Kenneth Adams Jr

#30 Kansas City Chiefs

Value: $1.008 billion
Owner: Lamar Hunt Family

#31 Chicago Cubs

Value: $1 billion
Owner: Ricketts Family

#32 Los Angeles Lakers

Value: $1 billion
Owners: Buss family, Philp Anschutz

#33 Toronto Maple Leafs

Value: $1 billion
Owners: Bell Canada, Rogers Communications

#34 Cleveland Browns

Value: $987 million
Owner: Jimmy Haslam

#35 Minnesota Vikings

Value: $975 million
Owner: Zygmunt Wilf

#36 New Orleans Saints

Value: $971 million
Owners: Thomas Benson, Rita Benson LeBlanc

#37 AC Milan

Value: $945 million
Owner: Silvio Berlusconi

#38 San Diego Chargers

Value: $936 million
Owner: Spanos family

#39 Arizona Cardinals

Value: $922 million
Owner: William Bidwill

#40 Chelsea

Value: $901 million
Owner: Roman Abramovich

#41 Philadelphia Phillies

Value: $893 million
Owners: Partnership led by David Montgomery

#42 Cincinnati Bengals

Value: $871 million
Owner: Michael Brown

#43 Detroit Lions

Value: $855 million
Owner: William Clay Ford

#44 Atlanta Falcons

Value: $837 million
Owner: Arthur Blank

#45 New York Mets

Value: $811 million
Owners: Fred and Jeff Wilpon, Saul Katz

#46 Buffalo Bills

Value: $805 million
Owner: Ralph Wilson Jr

#47 Chicago Bulls

Value: $800 million
Owner: Jerry Reinsdorf

#48 McLaren

Value: $800 million
Owner: McLaren Group

#49 San Francisco Giants

Value: $786 million
Owners: Partnership led by Charles Johnson

#50 Oakland Raiders

Value: $785 million
Owner: Mark Davis