Miss Tina Tell Her Personal Story

Tina Knowles was recently a keynote speaker at a luncheon, where she gave her personal testimony on her marriage to Mathew Knowles and her happiness now. Miss Tina was introduced by Mrs. Creuzot (one of Tina’s close friends for over 30 years)– also the owner of Frenchy’s Chicken. At the 4:27 mark is when Miss Tina starts her speech. 

Are The Carters Moving to Paris?


Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter are relaxing in Paris after ending their On The Run Tour. The Carters looked to be considering a more permanent stay in the European city as they were spotted house hunting near Elysee Palace after posting pictures of a recent visit to the Eiffel Tower. So are The Carters moving for Paris? Maybe they will rent a house like they did before and work on new projects.

The home The Carters viewed near Elysee Palace.

The home The Carters viewed near Elysee Palace.


You ARE NOT the Father….Or Maybe You Are….

According to MediaTakeout (MTO) Jay-Z’s reported secret love child to the Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott looks exactly like daughter Blue Ivy.

Back in 2011 rumors swirled as Jerald Andrews, who is the father of the ex-boyfriend to Scott, says that Jay-Z paid her $1 million to keep her mouth shut. Andrews says, that Maleek Sayeed thought he was the father until Shenelle Scott had the baby and he didnt look a thing like Sayeed so they had a DNA test and turns out Sayeed wasn’t the father and that Jay-Z was.

Check out this side by side picture of baby Blue Ivy and the love child, you be the judge!


photo courtesy of MediaTakeOut