Terrance Jones Arrested


Houston Rockets player Terrance Jones was arrested early Wednesday morning in Portland, Oregon after a police officer saw Jones stomping a homeless man telling him to “Wake Up”. The incident took place outside of a downtown nightclub. Jones was booked in the Multnomah County Jail on a harassment charge. The homeless man is now being identified as 46 year old Daniel Kellerher. He suffered minor injuries. I just want to know how many drinks did Jones have to go out of his way to stomp on a homeless man? And for Mr.Kellerher you won’t be sleeping outside much longer, because I’m sure you will receive a nice paycheck some way or another. Jones is expected to compete for the starting power forward position this season to start along side Dwight Howard. Jones is a Portland native where he starred at Portland’s Jefferson High School before attending the University of Kentucky and won a championship his freshman year.

Rapper Twain Gotti aka Antwain Steward Arrested on Murder After Allegedly Bragging in his Lyrics

In the rap world, lyrics about shooting and killing people is a commonplace for rappers to talk about. That doesn’t mean that half of them do it.

Antwain Steward aka Twain Gotti an up and coming rapper from Newport News, Virginia was recently arrested and charged with murder from a cold case in 2007. They believe his own rap lyrics lead to them solving the double homicide case.

According to the Daily Press, police believe that the song “Hip Full of Gun” made by Steward describes him killing someone. The song’s video which was posted in 2011 shows him playing a violent video game. Police used some of the lyrics for their affidavit:

“Everybody saw when I [expletive] choked him. But nobody saw when I [expletive] smoked him, roped him, sharpened up the shank then I poked him … had me crackin up so I joked him, it is betweezy six feet ova, told ya [expletive] with my money I’ll roast ya.”

Steward was previously arrested in 2011 for a non fatal drive by shooting, local NBC reports say. He is currently in the Newport News City Jail and charged with two counts of felony murder, one count of unlawfully discharging a firearm and two counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony

People would do anything for fame. When rappers talk about killing people that doesn’t mean they really do it. Most rappers just put on fronts for their music because it sounds good but the youth takes everything these rappers do into consideration. Lets get it together guys! This stuff isn’t real!

Emma Roberts: ARRESTED

22 year old actress Emma Roberts was arrested for a domestic violence incident in Canada with her boyfriend, 26 year old actor Evan Peters. —Better known in the FX series, American Horror Story.

According to Montreal law enforcement sources, someone called police to report a fight in Evan and Emma’s hotel room. Allegedly cops arrived and observed Evan with a bloody nose. Emma was immediately arrested. One law enforcement source states Evan also had a bite mark.

Emma was released a couple hours later because Evan did not want to press charges.

Sources close to Emma tell TMZ, Emma and Evan were hitting each other and she was arrested because he had obvious physical injuries. The sources deny Emma bit Evan.

Either way they both were wrong for hitting each other and when a relationship gets physical, its time to rethink your strategy. Best of luck to them both.

Roberts and Peters at "The Lone Ranger" premiere

Emma will also star along side Evan in the upcoming season of American Horror Story.
They were last seen together publicly at “The Lone Ranger” premiere.