Ying Yang Twin Arrested and Charged with Beating Wife!




According to TMZ:

Deongelo Holmes — one half of the rap duo Ying Yang Twins — was busted in Georgia after Holmes’ wife accused him of punching her in the head.

Prosecutors say Holmes socked his wife Porsche Holmes in the head back in November … and the rapper hit her so hard she got a big bump over her left eye.

Authorities charged Holmes with “family violence” and two counts of simple battery. Deongelo was released on bond after agreeing to stay away from his wife — among other restrictions.

So far, no word back from Deongelo’s reps.

It is NOT okay to hit a woman.

Rihanna Permanent Restraining Order on “Future Husband”


Jonathan Whooper, the man accused of stalking Rihanna, and claiming to be her “future husband,” must continue to stay away from her for the next 2 years.

Whooper was arrested earlier this month for multiple trespasses at the home Rihanna was renting in Pacific Palisades. A security guard at the home says Whooper claimed he was going to marry the singer.

A judge in L.A. just granted Rihanna a permanent restraining order against Whooper — he’s now prohibited from coming within 100 yards of her. A temporary restraining order was already in place.

Next up for Whooper — a mental competency hearing to determine if he’s fit to stand trial for felony attempted burglary, vandalism, and stalking.

Chris Brown May Not Have Thrown First Punch


As we reported, singer Chris Brown was arrested for assault in Washington for allegedly punching a man.

The initial draft of the police report states that Brown DID NOT throw the first punch– even though its been corrected.

The first version of the police report described Chris’ bodyguard as the person who threw the punch that broke the alleged victim’s nose — and further states Chris only jumped into the fight afterward.

The initial version of the report and we also obtained a revised copy which now states Chris landed the bone-crushing blow.

Chris’ attorney could make hay of the mixup, and the correction.

The police videotaped Chris, the bodyguard, the alleged victim, and other witnesses describing who hit whom during the melee. Law enforcement sources say they believe some of the people on tape may be shading the truth or outright lying, so the confusion may be a bonus for Chris.

Chris Brown ARRESTED for Assault

The 40th Anniversary American Music Awards in LA

Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C. this morning for FELONY assault after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel.

Law enforcement say at around 4:30 AM Brown got into an argument with a man outside the W Hotel on K Street and allegedly punched him once in the face– the alleged victim never threw a punch.

The alleged victim say he and a friend were hanging out at the W when they saw 2 woman about to take a picture with Brown. The victim says he and his buddy photo bombed the 2 woman and Chris went nuts, punching him in the face and BREAKING HIS NOSE. He went to the hospital and says he may need surgery as early as tomorrow.

Law enforcement say before striking the man, Chris said, “I’m not into this gay s**t, I’m into boxing.” After Chris punched the man, the fight was taken to the ground.

Sources connected with Chris say the alleged victim is full of BS. He was NOT trying to take a pic with Chris, he was trying get on Chris’ tour bus, and Brown was simply trying to stop a trespass. The sources say before the incident the 2 girls tried to get on the bus but the were stopped, and that’s when the victim and his friend made their move.

Law enforcement say Chris did not appear to be under the influence of anything. Chris and his bodyguard — who was also arrested — will stay in jail today. Under DC law Brown can’t get bail so he’ll appear before a magistrate Monday, and until then he’ll stay behind bars.

The alleged victim say he doesn’t understand why Brown was “so homophobic” to hurl such a slur and he would have accepted an apology at the scene, but now he will absolutely press charges — and he’s already hired a lawyer.

Brown is still on probation in the Rihanna case and this could be grounds for violating his probation — which means he could be sentenced to prison for nearly 4 years.

Before the incident, Chris had been hosting a party (pic below) at the nearby Park and 14th nightclub.

Karrueche even took to twitter:

Party Goers arrested– Trashing Brian Holloway’s home


6 young adults were arrested Thursday for causing thousands of dollars in damage after breaking into the house of former New England Patriots’ star Brian Holloway– more than 200 others could be arrested as well.

Holloway claims hundreds of teens broke into his house near Albany and trashed it over Labor Day weekend.

The 6 kids, ranging in age from 17 – 20, were taken into custody and arraigned on various charges, including criminal trespass. The 19-year-old was charged with felony burglary and felony criminal mischief. And 3 of the adult kids were charged with endangering the welfare of a child. The 17-year-old was charged with felony grand larceny.

Only a handful of parents even bothered to call Holloway after the incident to apologize or offer help in repairing the damage.

Holloway posted hundreds of names of the partygoers on his website. Cops saying, “We currently have over 200 names. Once we’ve established proof of their presence at the party, they will be asked to turn themselves in.”

The courts can’t handle that kind of volume, so cops say they will be arraigned in groups of 10 to 12.

Lamar Odom DUI Delayed


Lamar Odom’s arrest was August 30th with a DUI charge after cops pulled him over on the 101 freeway for driving too slow. He refused to take any blood and alcohol tests which resulted in him losing his drivers license.

Odom was not in Van Nuys, CA courtroom this morning for the scheduled arraignment– but his attorney Richard Hutton was. Odom’s case was put on hold as his attorney requested a continuance.

Gucci Mane Arrested


This week is definitely a hard week for  rapper Gucci Mane. He just went on a twitter rant, dissing a lot of other celebrities, that he eventually claimed was  “hacked.” This morning he was arrested for allegedly cussing out a few cops in Atlanta with procession of weed and a gun.

Radic Davis aka Gucci Mane, was taking into custody after one of his friends complained that his behavior was a little erratic. The friend flagged down the police for help, and when officers approached Gucci, he began cussing and threatening them.

He was immediately taken into custody and police found a small amount of marijuana on the 33-year old rapper, as well as a handgun.

Gucci was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession, then taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution.