WHOA DERE: Joe Manganiello


Joe Manganiello is better known as the werewolf Alcide in the HBO series True Blood. We also saw him get down and oh so dirty in Magic Mike. His chiszled abs, strong arms (for lifting) and dark hair is enough for us to say WHOA DERE JOE!


To catch another piece of Joe, watch him on HBO’s True Blood— Sundays 9/8


Dolly Castro


Our Whoa Dere of the week goes to Dolly Castro. Castro is a Latina model from Miami, Florida. I haven’t heard of her until I got active on Instagram, but once I seen her she really made me go WHOA DERE. She’s 5’5 120lbs and her measurements are  34-23-40. Her body is to die for, and she’s definitely worthy to be posted on Swickass as our WHOA DERE of the week.



Whoa Dere Tahiry


We’ve been slipping  when it comes to the Whoa Dere, but don’t worry we are back and posting every Friday. Our Whoa Dere of the week goes to Tahiry Jose. Now if you aren’t familiar with Tahiry she’s the on again, and off again girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden. Now before you go saying she’s got a body. You can’t forget her Dominican accent, and her face. She first came on to the scene a few years ago appearing on “Joe Budden TV”. Ever since then she’s become a star and very popular. She’s now a model, and host parties at clubs, but her body is what really making us go WHOA DERE. If you haven’t seen her you can catch her on Love and Hip Hop New York. But feel free to google her now to get familiar with her. God Bless you Tahiry, God Bless you. But hey you guys be the judge.



Whoa Dere Iggy


Late post from Friday, but our second segment of Whoa Dere has to go to Iggy Azalea. If you aren’t familiar with Iggy you should definitely get in tuned. Iggy Azalea is a Australian rapper/model, that’s signed to Island Def Jam, and also has a deal with T.I. label Grand Hustle. Iggy was the first female, and first non American rapper to be featured on XXL annual top 10 Freshman cover issue. But besides her rapping skills, Iggy Azalea is a true beauty, and may I add that I love her Australian accent. At her shows she’s known for dancing and sending all her fans in a rage due to her phenomenal body. I can’t blame those fans either. Iggy body is on point, and any man that has a chance to date her should consider themselves lucky (A$AP Rocky I’m talking to you).  I hope I put Iggy on a bigger platform so everyone can appreciate her music, and her beauty because she’s a rising star! If she doesn’t make you go WHOA DERE I’m not sure what will! http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh0fm5kLjY7cg7cACy


Whoa Dere!


It is an honor and a privilege to finally debut the segment that we here at Swickass like to call “Whoa Dere!” As used by my man Big Sean, these weekly posts will be highlighting a sexy female that has caught our attention and forced us to say, “Whoa Dere!”

This week’s pick had to be the easiest pick in the history of the segment. Personally, no matter how hard I tried all week, I could not get this dime off my mind.
Picture a woman who stands about 5 feet 2 inches tall, has a banging body, and is incredibly mature. I’m talking about none other than………..Gloria C. Mackenzie!
After coming out earlier this week to claim the largest jackpot in multi-state lottery history, this 84 year old sex symbol has EVERY SINGLE DUDE ON THE PLANET eyeing her fine ass.
She is so sexy that when she was standing in line to buy her power ball ticket, the guy behind her was so thirsty for her number that he let her cut him in line. Not only did this clown not get Mackenzie’s number, but he also missed out on the golden ticket.
The mold was definitely broken when this hottie was made. She is pure perfection. I can honestly say that there are about 590 million reasons why I think she is not only the hottest chick of the week but probably the hottest chick on the planet. This is why Gloria C. Mackenzie has left me and many other guys saying,  WHOA DERE!!