Cavs Win The Number 1 Pick

For the third time since Lebron James left, the Cleveland Cavaliers have won a pick in the top 5. The Cavs had a 1.7% chance of winning the number 1 pick, but somehow they won it AGAIN. With the previous three picks the Cavs drafted Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, and Anthony Bennett. I can see the Cavs drafting any of the top 3 prospects that are mentioned for the number one pick (Parker, Wiggins, Embiid). Whatever decision the Cavs make, lets hope it pans out. Here is the rest of the draft order. Remember the NBA Draft takes place Thursday June 26th.

1. Cleveland

2. Milwaukee

3. Philadelphia

4. Orlando

5. Utah

6. Boston

7. Lakers

8. Sacramento

9. Charlotte

10. Philadelphia

11. Denver

12. Orlando

13. Minnesota

14. Phoenix

15. Atlanta

16. Chicago

17. Boston

18. Phoenix

19. Chicago

20. Toronto

21. Oklahoma City

22. Memphis

23. Utah

24. Charlotte

25. Houston

26. Miami

27. Phoenix

28. Clippers

29. Oklahoma City

30. San Antonio



Kanye Signs Fake Yeezys

Kanye is in Paris preparing for his wedding with Kim Kardashian, but that didn’t stop him from signing some autographs. When a fan approached Ye with some fake Red Octobers, Kanye let the fan know that his sneakers were fake. The cool thing about the whole situation is that Kanye still signed the shoes and went on about his day. Note to future fans, please make sure your shoes are real when you’re trying to approach Kanye or you’ll get put on blast!

View the video below.

Floyd Mayweather in a New Relationship?

As we all know Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Miss Chantel Jackson are no longer together. That breakup got nasty between the abortion & cosmetic surgery allegations to Miss Jackson moving on to rapper Nelly. Well Months ago Floyd “Money” Mayweather posted on his Instagram that he invested into two beautiful ladies’ businesses; Melissa Brim and Doralie Medina. But recently Doralie posted a picture of her and  “this man.” Does this confirm Money May is off the market or are they just really good friends?





50 Cent misses Son’s Graduation!

Graduating from high school is an amazing accomplishment that is usually shared with family, but for Marquise Jackson, that was not the case. Unfortunately Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was not an attendance to one of the most important day his son’s life.




But NOT SO FAST,  Fiddy tells friends he was never told when or where the graduation ceremony was, or he would have been there. The ceremony was at Marquise’s private school in ATL (the same school 50 reportedly foots the bills for).

Hmmm, I just hope they can put their differences aside and become one big happy family.

Rob Kardashian Trending for Being FAT! Khloe defends Baby Bro!

robkPREMIUM EXCL Kris Jenner and Rob Kardashian still very overweight leaving for Paris

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you will know that Robert Kardashian has packed on a few pounds over the past couple years. Kardashian is “depressed, going to rehab and is in fat camp,” according to the numerous rumor reports. New photos surfaced of a heavier set Rob on the way to Paris for the Kimye wedding, and the twitterverse had a field day, making him the Trending Topic; leaving him and sister Khloe to speak out.










Congratulations! Ciara and Future Welcome Baby Boy


Ciara is officially a mother, the singer gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Future Zahi Wilburn (9 lbs 10 0z) was born early Monday morning on May 19th in Los Angeles, California. This is the first child for Ciara, who is engaged to rapper Future, and his fourth child. Congratulations to the happy couple.


Ciara instagrammed a preview of little Future.