Ying Yang Twin Arrested and Charged with Beating Wife!




According to TMZ:

Deongelo Holmes — one half of the rap duo Ying Yang Twins — was busted in Georgia after Holmes’ wife accused him of punching her in the head.

Prosecutors say Holmes socked his wife Porsche Holmes in the head back in November … and the rapper hit her so hard she got a big bump over her left eye.

Authorities charged Holmes with “family violence” and two counts of simple battery. Deongelo was released on bond after agreeing to stay away from his wife — among other restrictions.

So far, no word back from Deongelo’s reps.

It is NOT okay to hit a woman.

WWE’s Total Divas Brie Bella Gets Hairy?



WWE’s Diva Brie Bella– along with sister Nikki and a bunch of bearded ladies, celebrated Saturday night at Prep Kitchen in San Diego. Brie’s wedding to WWE superstar Daniel Bryan is expected to be filmed for the second season of Total Divas.