DJ Pauly D Is A Dad

It’s DJ Pauly D, and now the D is for Daddy. That’s right ladies and gentlemen Jersey Shore star Pauly D is a new proud father. It’s been reported this week that Pauly D had a child he knew nothing about. Pauly found out months after the baby was born that he is a father. The story is Pauly had a one night stand with lady named Amanda, and she hid the news from Pauly about him being a father until now.  And now Pauly is in a custody battle for his daughter as Amanda and Pauly filed documents to get custody of 5 month old Amabella. Paulys baby mother sounds money hungry to me as she posted pictures of Amabella in her high chair with $100 bills covering the whole table. This situation sounds like it could get ugly, but I hope they do what’s best for their child. Nonetheless, congrats to Pauly D on being a new father.

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