Kanye Brings Out Jesus

Kanye West Brings Out Jesus In Seattle (Video)

If you thought Kanye was ridiculous for calling himself “Yeezus” then I’m sure you’re going to be upset with what he did last night while kicking off the Yeezus tour. During his first show on tour in Seattle, Kanye performed Jesus Walks. But he  brought a Jesus impersonator on stage to speak. In the clip the Jesus impersonator tells Kanye that he wanted Kanye to “show people the light”. I think it’s flat out blasphemy, and that his fans have caused Kanye head to become so big that he thinks he can do anything he wants, including bringing out a Jesus look alike. But then again anything Kanye does shouldn’t shock you. Considering he named his album Yeezus, and he has a song on the album that’s titled “I Am A God”.


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