Trent Richardson Traded

Colts acquired Trent Richardson last week from the Browns in exchange for their 2014 1st round pick. A shocking trade because no one was expecting the Browns to move the 3rd overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. But now with a new front office that wants to build the team their way things have changed. Browns fans won’t like the deal due to them trading their best offensive player on their team, but you can guarantee Colts fans are excited. In his rookie season Trent Richardson rushed for 959 yards with 11tds. Colts now have a 1-2 punch in Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson. The Browns will now be looking to draft a franchise quarterback and now have two 1st round picks, one 2nd round pick, two 3rd round picks, and two 4th around picks. You can certainly expect their pick from the Colts to be in the mid 20s because the Colts will most likely make the playoffs. The QBs that come to mind are Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville, Tajh Boyd from Clemson, Brett Hundley from UCLA, Marcus Mariota from Oregon, and everyones favorite Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M. We will see which QB seperates themselves from the pack as the season rolls on.


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