Man Filmed Himself Having Sex with Horse and 2 dogs

Graham Redfearn was arrested for burglary until things got a little bit more weird.

Back in April, British police picked up Graham Redfearn, 41, on suspicion of burglary. When officers searched his home, they found pornographic videos of him having sex with a horse and other footage of him having sex with dogs (now thats what you call beastiality). Redfearn told officers he was only “experimenting” and that he’d just lay on the bed and the dog would do the rest.

According to a British newspaper, police believe that Graham Redfearn intended to share his videos with others. He “admitted to two charges of sexual activity with a horse and dogs and two charges of possessing extreme pornographic images,” the newspaper reported.

In court September 12, Redfearn was banned from owning animals and was given a 10 year sexual offenses prevention order.


Weirdly, he posted Facebook statuses that said he was looking to work with horses and had experience in the field.

Hide ya dogs, hide ya horses, hide ya animals, cuz they raping everybody out here!


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