Battle of the Clothing Lines: Which “Hills” star has the Best Clothing Line?

Its not all about ex boyfriends, tears, and parties,  “the Hills” will always be remembered for  their connection with fashion.

The viewers have seen Lauren, Audrina, and Whitney go for their dreams working for Teen Vogue, People’s Revolution, and FIDM.  So three years after the finale, three of the Hills stars have their own clothing lines.

To give you some background insight Lauren Conrad  created LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s in 2009, followed by her 2010 Paper Crown. Whitney made her fashion debut in 2009 when her fashion line Whitney Eve hit Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. New to the scene is Kristin Cavallari with her shoe line by Chinese Laundry and her jewelry line Kristin Cavallari for Glam Boutique, she’s making her way to the runway stating that her line is “totally different from the rest”.

Now that another fashion week has wrapped up lets take a look at these three women fashion lines. Are they affordable? Different from the rest? Do you own any of these pieces? Who would you rather?

Kristin Cavallari:

Junk Food Vintage NFL Curated By Kristin Cavallari - Backstage - Style360 Spring 2014

Even though she may be the new kid on the runway, her skirts and dresses cater to those who wants to support their favorite NFL team without having to compromise their sense of style. Football season is largely cold and with distinct, unflattering color patterns, NFL logos are not club friendly. K. Cav spoke with VH1 stating that, “These looks are strictly for the runway and NFL and you can only find these looks at Bloomingdale’s for a limited time only.” Cavallari partnered up with Junk Food to concoct these high end fashion sport looks that debuted at New York Fashion Week.


Lauren Conrad:

Since debuting to NYFW in 2009 Lauren Conrad for Kohls is still going strong. LC is trying to prove that you can idolize Martha Stewart and still be sexy. Her reality fame has opened doors for her launching books to beauty products. You can find her clothes online and boutiques/stores.


Whitney Port:


Whitney Port is also still going strong with her fashion line Whitney Eve. Designing pieces that you can dress up or down to any wardrobe, but I don’t know if I’m feeling the color prints.


Overall, I’m always team Kristin! Lauren who? Whitney what?



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