Miami We Have A Problem

While watching highlights from the Marlins vs Braves game tonight and I saw a incident that took place between Jose Fernandez, Brian McCann, and Chris Johnson. It all started in the top of the 6th inning after Evan Gattis blasted a fastball off of Jose Fernandez, but instead of running to first base immediately Gattis stared at the ball while it flew out the park. Keep in mind the Braves were trailing 5-1 after the HR. Chris Johnson comes up after Gattis and you can read his lips saying “That fastball isn’t nothing” which caused Jose and Chris to have some words. Now in the bottom of the 6th inning Jose Fernandez comes up and jacks a homerun off of the Braves pitcher Mike Minor, and Jose returns the favor and stares at his homerun, and while rounding 3rd base Chris Johnson and Fernandez have more word with each other and it looked like Jose spit in the area where Johnson was standing. So Jose gets to home plate, and Brian McCann lets him know he didn’t appreciate what he did and they have words and the benches clear. At the end of the game Marlins head coach Mike Redmond sounded like a manager that was coaching the Braves and not the Marlins. He sided with the Braves instead of his own player saying at the end of the game “Im not happy. I think that showed some immaturity on Jose’s part and his youth.” He went on to say that it ruined the night due to the fact it’s Jose’s final time starting this year due to him being on a innings limit for the season. I can’t respect a coach that threw his young star player under the bus to the media and I’m sure the Marlins players won’t either. If you don’t have your guys back then why are you coaching? I’m sure Buck Showalter would of had Jose’s back if he played for the Orioles.  Jose Fernandez was just getting the Braves back due to them showing him up. I don’t see anything wrong with what Jose did. Fernandez apologized after the game, but I’m sure Redmond had something to do with that. I hope Jeff Luria gives Mike a call and lets him know that he didn’t appreciate what he said during his press conference tonight. And if you were wondering Jose got the win tonight. He finishes the season with a 12-6 record with a 2.19 era.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/180341090.jpg


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