Eminems Awkward Interview


Eminem is out promoting his new single “Berzerk”. While appearing on Saturday Night College Football on ESPN, Eminem made the interview as awkward as it can be. While speaking with Kirk Hebstreit and Brent Musberger, Eminem seemed like he was in a different world. Not saying much, and just zoning out during the interview. Once he caught himself zoning out Eminem replied “Sorry, live TV freaks me out a bit.” Very awkward interview as viewers found out Eminem will be apart of the introduction to the broadcast  starting this Saturday September 14th. Eminem bounced back by paying respect to Brent Musberger letting him know it was a honor to speak with him, and if there was a fantasy announcing team he would be on his list. Musberger returned the favor by letting Em know it was a honor to interview him and talked about all Eminems achievements then Em got awkward again and told Musberger “I’m really uncomfortable right now,” Marshall Mathers LP 2 drops November 5th.. Check out the interview below.


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