Paula Patton GET YO HUSBAND!


Robin Thicke’s MTV VMA performance was what some might say…. uncomfortable…. and the behavior since then is getting a little more uncomfortable considering he is a married man. A new photo has surfaced of Thicke groping a blonde woman named Lana Scolaro.

CeleBuzz reports:

Socialite Lana Scolaro tells CB! the photo-op happened as she snuck over to the DJ booth during the MTV VMA after party last Sunday. But it wasn’t the first time the two ran into each other.

“We have mutual friends in common. I actually met him a week before the after party,” she told Celebuzz.

“I was actually going over to the DJ booth and he followed me. His security guard took the photo and said, ‘you guys make a cute couple.’”

The only thing is — the “Blurred Lines” singer is married to stunning actress Paula Patton.

“I knew his hand was on my butt. I posted it on Instagram and didn’t notice the reflection. But someone noticed it and commented.”

“I didn’t think it would cause this much drama. I didn’t know it would be all over everything like this,” she added.

Well maybe it doesn’t bother Paula that he groped the woman’s booty in the photo or that Miley rubbed his package– so we have to ask…

Inappropriate for a married man?


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