Iverson To Announce His Retirement


There’s been reports that NBA star Allen Iverson will announce his retirement this week.  Iverson was selected with the first pick overall in the 1996 NBA draft. In his rookie year he averaged 23.5ppg , 7.5ast, with 2.1steals, and went on to win the Rookie Of The Year Award.  In his career Iverson was a 4x NBA scoring champion, 3x NBA steals leader, 11x NBA All-Star, 2001 League MVP, and for his career he avg 26.7ppg. Iverson scored a total of 24368 points , 1983 steals, and 5624 assists.  Iverson ranks 19th all time on the NBA scoring list. Iverson fans will remember Iverson for being a trendsetter in the NBA. Nobody had braids, tattoos, headbands, and arm sleeves until Iverson. He made all of that acceptable in the NBA, because he did things his way, and that’s what fans like myself loved. One of the main things people will remember Iverson for is his rant about practice. Everyone knew Iverson hated practicing, but when those arena lights came on at night Iverson was always ready to perform, and was ready to give his all on the court every night. Iversons last year in the NBA was the 2009-2010 NBA season when he played for the Grizzlies and Sixers. Iverson ending up getting released by the Grizzlies due to him wanting more playing time then he received. He later signed with the Sixers, but had to leave the team due to his daughters illness. In the fall of 2010 Iverson signed with a Turkish Eurocup team where in seven games he averaged 14.3 ppg and 4.7assists before returning back to the States due to a calf injury. That would be the last time he played professional basketball.  Iversons legacy will be questioned by many. I know people will wonder what if he was coach able early on in his career and actually decided to come off the bench later on in his career. Could he be in the league now? And retire when he wanted to? But now he’s forced to retire at age 38 due to no interest around the NBA. I’m sure if he was more of a team first guy he could come off of somebodies bench right now and still avg 15ppg easily. He will be remembered by me as one of the best scorers the NBA has ever seen, the best six feet and under guard the NBA will ever see, one of the best all around talents that stepped foot on a NBA floor, being extremely tough playing through every injury he had, a trendsetter, and his killer crossover that even made the GOAT Michael Jordan break his ankles. I’m sure people will remember him guiding the 2001 76ers to the NBA Finals by himself with no other superstars on the team other than Dikembe Mutumbo. Although they ended up losing to the more talented Kobe and Shaq Los Angeles Lakers Iverson showed everyone exactly what he’s capable of. He’ll be missed by fans, because he was so fun to watch and fans always came and sold out arenas just to watch him play.  He’s a shoe in for the NBA Hall Of Fame when his name appears on the ballot in a couple of years. We at Swickass wish nothing but the best for Iverson for his life after basketball. We leave you with some of Iversons greatest plays and his famous practice rant.


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