Myla Sinanaj Vs Kim Kardashian

kim k thing

Kris Humphries ex girlfriend aka Myla Sinanaj really hates Kim Kardashian.

As some may already know, Myla is coming out with her own XXX tape called “Anti Kim Kardashian XXX” that she will be starring in along with a Kris Humphries look alike.

She’s hoping the release of the sex tape will make her millions and launch her a reality tv career like Kim K.

Myla and the Kris Hump look a like will have Kim K’s sex tape playing in the background and in the video she says, “Turn that off I can do better than that…” she even loses her virginity…anally.

Kim really wants to get rid of her sex tape past but so many girls want to be like her, and so far its all for the wrong reasons. How embarrassing!


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