“I’M THE NEXT KIM K”—Kimmy Fakes, Sex Tape with Kris Hump?



Because of Kim Kardashian’s success after her sex tape, many people are trying to hop on board the “sex tape train. “Teen Mom, “Backdoor Teen Mom,” Farrah Abraham, Montana Fishburne (Laurence Fishburne’s daughter) and former WWE superstar Chyna are people who thought a sex tape will help boost their careers, for some– lack there of. NOW, Kris Humphries’ ex Myla Sinanaj want to hop on board.

According to TMZ:
Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend Myla Sinanaj has fully become single white-ish female … telling TMZ she truly believes her new freak flick will make her the next Kim Kardashian.

Myla tells TMZ, “I may not like Kim, but she was smart and she’s arousing and I look a lot like her so why not make a tape and make millions and get a reality show?”

Myla fully admits she shot the skin flick for Vivid freak flick studio — which even hired a Kris Humphries look-alike to bang her silly — saying, ” I had a blast that weekend with someone I was attracted to and had chemistry with.”

Myla SIT DOWN! I don’t think this logic will work for anybody else. Say what you want about Kim, but you can’t deny she is a gorgeous woman and makes millions with the Kardashian empire. With that being said, there is only two questions that come to mind: Is this what the world has come to?— Will you be watching the freak flick?


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