UPDATE: Kanye in Trouble With the Police

k kanye smash

Yesterday, it was reported that Kanye West attacked a paparazzi all because the paparazzi spoke to him. Now Mr. West is being investigated by police for attempted robbery assault because they suspect him of trying to steal the photog’s camera.

It is said that the man behind the camera has received injuries to his hip and the victim does want to press charges against Kanye.

I think this whole situation could’ve been avoided if he had just went inside of his car instead of going off on the paparazzi. This is the lifestyle he signed up for and paparazzi comes with that. Kanye has made it very clear he hates the paparazzi asking questions and talking to his baby mama Kim Kardashian, but just ignore them Kanye! Stop being so annoying sometimes.

The pictures also appears that Kanye is in fact trying to take his camera away and the photog is wrestling for it, thats probably why he got injured in the first place.

If you haven’t seen the attack on video refer back to our last Kanye West post.

kanyee aww


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