Kobe Bryant’s Mom Made Thousands With Auctioned Items

kobe and mama

Earlier in the year, Kobe Bryant and his mom Pamela  had an huge fight when she tried to auction off his sports memorabilia, Kobe even sued her to stop the sale.

kobes memorabilia

They ended up coming to an agreement, the NBA star allowed her to sell roughly 10% of his treasures. The auction ended Friday night and some of the things auctioned were:

*2000 NBA L.A Lakers Championship ring – $165,889.80

*2000 All Star ring – $52, 854

*Kobe’s used H.S uniform – $48, 084.15

*Kobe’s used Lakers jersey – $7, 938.45

*Kobe’s American flag Adidas sneakers – $7, 216.25

There was a lot more sold in a total of $450,000.

I’m glad they could come up with an agreement since she says “Kobe doesn’t do anything for her” even though I’m sure he’s supporting his mom and dad.


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