Jose Fernandez On Innings Limit

The Miami Marlins season was suppose to be a total disaster. They traded all of their star players, away and felt it was time to rebuild from scratch. The one bright of this disappointing season has been none other than the young 20yr old phenom Jose Fernandez. Fernandez has made the jump from A-ball to the majors and he’s been nothing but impressive with a 2.75era with 103 strikeouts and a 5-5 record. He also made the All-Star team in his first season in the majors becoming  the first Marlins rookie to pitch in a All Star Game. Like many young phenoms in their first year, Jose is on a innings limit. Originally he was  only suppose to pitch 150 innings this season, but Jose has performed so well that the Marlins stretched it to 170 innings. Jose is currently at 104 innings right now, and is on pace to throw 185 innings. So the Marlins will certainly skip a couple of starts for him. Don’t look now, but the Marlins may have a nice core group of young stars, and something to look forward to five years down the line.


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